Silence Before Sundown

So. has had a bit of make over thanks to bonuses from work. I am absolutely thrilled with how its turned out and i've really started to fall in love with this little space on the internet I call my own. It's made me want to really invest in my blog and make it something. I've had quite a positive week this week. Exciting blogger type things that are having all the loose threads tied up as we speak/write/read? I was nominated for a Liebster award which I thought was just so lovely. I'm on track with my weightloss target and i'm joining the gym Wednesday, I can't wait to really start working hard on myself.

I'll take us back to last Sunday when James and I decided to board the peasant wagon and have an impulsive trip to York for a wander. We are considerably broke so a wander around the streets was really all we could do. I even teased myself and looked in a few shops knowing I couldn't spend and cried when I saw a super sick polo shirt in H&M that read ''i'm not sorry'' on the neck. I don't even know why I liked it so much it was just cool. another day perhaps. Shopping ban firmly in place scouring my wardrobe for clothes to re-wear and re-fall in love with. Mix up and make outfits. I pulled out this dress from very depths of the neglected part of my wardrobe I bought from eBay a few years ago. Originally from River Island I managed to snag this for under £7 new I may add. The dress is quite metallic and I feel it much more suited to autumn months rather then summer. As I am half giant all dresses/skirts come up short on my always and i'm forever showing everyone my butt. Lucky. This dress was no exception so I had to put on my black New Look body con skirt just in case. I've wanted a rimmed hat for a little while, something a bit different from my bowler one and annoyingly i'm still not too sure on it or if I can pull it off. I guess i'll just have to keep trying it with different outfits but i'm not completely sold.

What are your looks this A/W15, anyone else struggling with a shopping ban?

Hat H&M | Dress River Island | Shoes ASOS | Bag MotelRocks

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  1. Love the dress! Great outfit!

  2. Ah, I totally feel the same way about my little blog. It's so nice to have a corner where you can just share your thoughts and get to know other people as well. Blogging is really quite incredible! And also incredible is your style and hair, haha. I wish I could see that dress in real life. It looks like a pretty cool texture/color. You styled it really well. I'm definitely following to keep up with your lovely posts!

    Stephanie @ Sartorial Diner

    1. It is so nice having your own little space to call your own. Thank you my lovely. The dress is wicked, it's the hardest testure to describe, I was going to try but all I could was bumpy? Ha! Ah thank you right back at you girl x


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