Oh My Goth

These pictures are definitley not my best. I feel like I would be in the bottom two for pictures this week if I was on '' America's Next Top Model''  [I freaking used to love that show, mad love for T.Banks] Tara would be standing in front of myself and some other poor sap holding one photo being all like '' Jess pack yo sheeiit'' and i'd be gone.  I don't know what it was that day, probably a mixture of things, lack of sleep the night before, outfit inspiration MIA, I had been wanting to wear this Topshop tank for a little while now on my blog, it was an absolute steal at £5 and I just don't think these pictures or blog post are doing it the justice it deserves. It will more than likely be appearing again what inspiration hits. The sun being directly in my eyeballs I can't even blame it on being that mysterious brooding squint thang bands have going on in promo shoots. I just don't think I was feeling it. 

That Aside I didn't want to break my Monday - Wednesday - Friday Blogging routine after a mear 2 weeks so I thought i'd see what I could salvage. . . . This weekend after overtime I plan on cramming in a load of blog shoots, organising something very exciting for my fellow Yorkshire Bloggers [Drop me an email if interested Jessayton@yahoo.co.uk.] Details are vague but if you're in the Yorkshire area please shout up, flat viewing and spending some very much needed and wanted time with James. Just him and I locked away planning Japan watching new anime and eating our weight in pizza. It's what we do best. 

What are you plans this weekend with your precious time away from work? 

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  1. Love love love your hair! Don't worry about your photos you look fab! I'm a huge top model fan too haha


    1. Ah thank you, I'm trying it to use heat on it so it will grow so plaits are my best friends now ^_^ thanks lovely have a wicked weekend x

  2. Jess that tank 😍😍😍😍


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