My favourite Autumnal things

This wasn't the intended post for tonight, I've been day dreaming about my favourite season since September the 1st. Summer's gone guys [That whole one week of sunshine]  There has most definitely been a season change over night, anyone else noticed the drop in temperature? Shorter days and the need for all the layers ever are rapidly approaching. . . .

1) Need I say it, a whole new Autumn wardrobe. It's been a little while since i've been actual shopping and not just online so when I went into town over the weekend the short shorts and bright colours had been exchanged for comfy snuggly oversized knits, orange colour pallets and winter coats. 

2) On the back of a new winter wardrobe, there is the search for the perfect winter coat. Personally I still have a wardrobe full of years gone by, I'm a coat hoarder but I still feel the need to purchase a new one each and every year. I have my eye on a few at the moment asking momma Lizzie's advice on which one to be purchased. 

3) Coming home from work to a cosy house, its cold and dark outside but the feeling of warming up is so amazingly blissful. 

4) Comfort food. Stews, casseroles, home made soup as much stodge as you can physically cram into your body in 24hrs. My slow cooker's never off in the colder months.

5) The holidays! Dressing up and eating way too may sugar products for Halloween, bundling up and going to watch fireworks and bonfire for November the 5th and erm the C-word [I can't bring myself to even acknowledge the holiday until the past two have passed, I believe I was reincarnated as the Grinch.] Seriously though who out there has felt ''festive'' since the age of 11?

6) It's time to start watching '' The Nightmare Before Christmas'' as many times as humanly possible and screeching along to '' This is Halloween'' obnoxiously all.the.time. 

7) The gorgeous colours as the leaves turn from green to a rusty orange. The light. The satisfaction of walking though crunchy leaves and not being able to resist the temptation of finding conkers and cracking them open. 

8) Winter weekend get aways. I love going city exploring, wrapped up in hats and scarfs going from museum to museum stopping off in little cafes to warm up an refuel.

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  1. I love that you have one of Charlavail's Positive Vibes beanie! Autumn is my favourite season. I absolutely adore wearing hoodies and jumpers outside with scarfs because it's not quite cold enough for a winter coat but there's that really cool nip in the air! :) The Nightmare Before Christmas has already been put on repeat since the moment it turned September! I loved your list, I kept going "YES!" with each one because they're my favourites too :) xxx

    1. Charlavail is just all kinds of awesome. I wish I could goon that "happiest camper" thing she's been doing. She's so talented! Hahaa glad you enjoyed it, I think I'm going to be watching TNBC when I get home from work, complete with Halloween confectionary of course ;) xxx


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