This post nearly didn't happen tonight. I'm currently laid in bed wearing one of James's old Paramore T-shirts, hair scraped up, grown out undercut sticking out in all directions. I've done over time and i've just finished my BBG guide. I am DONE. All I want to do is eat my tea in bed [don't pretend you don't do it too] and watch the new anime we picked up in York yesterday. But that would be lazy and unproductive so you lucky things do get your Monday instalment yey! Enjoy. 

I have something to admit. Here goes. . .. I am a shopaholic. . . .There I said it. I knew you all knew but for clarification I have come to recognise my disease I just can't resist a good bargain or something ridiculous. With my Japan trip being NEXT MONTH a swift shopping ban has been implemented and its so so hard. Every single spare penny will be put away for our 2 week stint in Tokyo. I've literally gutted my wardrobe and put 90% of the contents on eBay. It's a good job I picked up a few things in the MotelRocks sample sale before said ban was made. When I received the email from Motel my eyes nearly fell out of my head as I hurriedly went to see what was left on the site. Motel has been one of my favourite brands since I was at  college like 8 years ago [jeez i'm getting old]. I have quite the hefty collection of dresses/skirts/co ords from over the years. In the sale I picked up a Fluffy heart PVC bag which is all kinds of amazing and I haven't had it off my back since it arrived at my door step , and a kinda vampy lace midi skirt thing I bought on a whim. As i'm tall I feel like midi skirts would come up too small on me, I was surprised by this one as it was just right for my lanky giant legs, and didn't look silly when I wore it with my super high RI boots, winning. 

keeping with the grunge/90s theme I seemed to have developed massive heart eyes for, I think this midi skirt will be holding a very loved place in my wardrobe next to my glittery crop tops, purple lipstick and hoops combo and fluffy bags.  

I feel like i've rambled and I had made a packed with myself to keep posts as trim as possible. I'm tired I lost control, soz. 

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  1. I've only just found your blog and I think your grunge style is awesome. I am a big fan of faux fur bags and shoes too! x

    -Wildfire Charm

    1. HI Lovely, thank you for the comment ^_^ Grunge is wicked it's my go to style x


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