Lovetootrue affair with grunge

I freaking love grunge/90's fashion and I freaking love this LoveTooTrue  Tartan slip, I love it so much i'm debuting it again on my blog. See original post Here . As Autumn is basically here [the weather anyway has since that one week of super hot weather we had in like July] I've wanted to find ways I can still wear this slip into Autumn without turning into a lil' [big] ice cube in the colder months. Most of my outfits are thrown together at the very last possible minuet I am terrible and 9 time out of 10 it results in my room turning into a very colourful floordrobe. Seriously you should see the state of it before a night out, a barrage of make up, alcohol [everyone loves pre-drinks makes for a cheaper night wheyy] and a chaos of literally all my clothes i've ever owned ever covering any surface/furniture in my room. Annoyingly I tend to put back on the the thing I put on first, it's a ''going out'' ritual of mine. James loves it. Not. 

On on whim I paired my slip with my Drop Dead cropped jumper I picked up in the sale and loved it.   I'm all about layering up and love the T-shirt under anything strappy that I was very much into the beginning of the year and thought if it was good enough for my T-shirts, its good enough my this super sick jumper too.  I have also been living in these River Island Boots which I love love love mainly because they are most definitely my bargain buy of 2015. Finished off with my MotelRocks fluffy Heart bag I picked up in the MotelRocks sample sale I feel like a 90's/ St. Trinians /Kawaii school girl, my target looks I go for when dressing myself obviously. Well it is now. That or a gothy christmas party.  Ew I said the C word in September. [Tartan and black] This is one accidental outfit I'm glad I threw together in a hurry. 

*This picture makes me look like ima 'bout to headbutt you for dissing my backpack, that or i'm about to sneeze.

Jumper DropDead/ Slip LoveTooTrue/ Bag MotelRocks/ Boots River Island

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  1. You look absolutely gorgeous!! I love the outfit!
    Becky Shannon xx - Life-by-Becky

    1. Thank you so much! It's possible one of my faves ^_^ x

  2. love these sort of looks, so awesome!

    danielle | avec danielle


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