I have always associated joggers as something to slob about in, wear to and from the gym and mostly your local chavtastics having their favourite pair surgically attached to them. Joggers/Sportluxe has always screamed chav to me and not really been something i've ever had as part of my wardrobe - I binned my Kappa popper tracksuit a long long time ago growing out of the sportswear phase you seem to adopt when younger. That was until I saw one of my favourite bloggers Amy Valentine share a post on her Instagram account looking effortless cool and casual in a pair of Leggsington joggers and not at all Chavey tricky, but she did it. Intrigued that one could look like that in a pair of joggers and not like they should be swigging from a bottle of Lambrini in them I visited the site to see what they had to offer. I instantly fell in love with them all, after much deliberation I managed to whittle down my choice to two pairs. The first being a black jersey pair and the others what one could only describe as the bottom half of chefs whites, the right amount of gross just how I like my clothes. With an added 25% off as the company were running a bank holiday promotion both pairs totalled to £43.

The parcel arrived after me eagerly waiting and Oh my gosh I was so impressed. They joggers are the cosiest brushed jersey material with an elasticated waist band and cuffs with a flattering fit, something I think is hard to come by in joggers as they tend to make me look all frumpy. The other pair I had received were fleece-lined , as soon as I put them on I was in comfort heaven. Absolutely perfect for my 14 hour flight I have ahead of me to Japan next month. I've already been eyeing up a velvet pair over on the site. I fear I may have these surgically attached to me throughout winter. I have been whistfully looking at my joggers on a morning before work ever since their arrival and wondering if I could get away wearing them to work, like I do my onesie. . . . 

Channelling my inner Amy Valentine again I teamed it with my new BMTH shirt I picked up at Leeds Fest last weekend. It's been a hell of a long time since I have bought any kind of band merch, I couldn't resist this little keepsake. I really liked the design which kind of reminded me of a ''wish you were here'' holiday post card, A really morbid postcard where everyone dies [erm?] The Shirt has the lyrics from one of my favourite songs from BMTH's newer stuff. After watching Oli do his thang last weekend i'm turning into a 14 year old fan girl. Again. And can't wait to see them play again In doncaster in November, Yes I managed to get tickets and yes I'm freaking excited. 

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