I have lost the ability to sleep in. I'm a worrier. I worry about stupid things, I make up scenarios in my head and blow things out of proportion always wondering what if. Not daring to say these worries out load as i'd sound absolutely mental. Kinda like I do now. I have no idea whats in my subconscious right now stopping me from sleeping and making me worry. No matter how tired I am or late I went to bed, I'm lucky if my bodies not wide awake after 6am. annoying mind ticking. Usually I try and fight it, lay in bed for a few hours and then admit defeat all the while James is in the deepest sleep. At least someone is getting some. [LOL] Today I woke just before 7am, thats actually quite good however i'm plenty sure i'll be needing a nap later. 

Anyway enough of that dribble. . . . There are more pressing matters to tend too.

Insert all the sad face emojis. They were one of the first independent/instagram/Bigcartel brands I found. When I realised I didn't have to buy everything from Topshop or River Island and there was such things as clothing companies that did stuff off their own back it opened a whole new clothing world for me. The prices were reasonable, the designs were wicked AND they even collaborated with Rik Lee an illustrator I'm a huge fan of. Slam Dunk you'd always see the ''Honour Over Glory Girls'' With their tube socks and and Honour Tubes. Every Scene queen Emo girl's idol. Totally guilty of owning both things but not daring enough to don both in public. See below photos for ones own amusement.  

Everything is currently £5 or £10 on the site, once its gone its gone. Sure there are more clothing companies but it just won't be the same. This is one Emo kid thats gonna miss her go too brand. The sports crop i'm wearing you can snap up for just a fiver. I got this post shopping ban.I seem to making a lot of accidental outfits lately and this is yet another favourite of mine, everything seems to be my favourite. I tried this on whilst still wearing my UO bralette and really liked the way the lace poked out underneath. Oooo all the edges. I also had my Depop Tartan love on and thought the outfit looked pretty wicked, not something I'd paired together ordinarily but I liked it. By the way is there a possible way to wear a crop in winter? Suggestions on a postcard please. Or do I have to lay this to rest until summer next year?

Crop Honour Over Glory | Skirt Depop | Shoes ASOS | Bralette Urban Outfitters 

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So Tumblr it hurtz. 


  1. Ah gorgeous top. I'm sure you could still wear it during winter although you may be slightly cold haha! As for the sleep situation, I hope you get to have a nap. I can relate to feeling worried all the time so I hope you're ok!


    1. Hahaa I guess, might get hyperthermia! I always do get my naps ;) thank you my lovely it's always over something so silly that I blow up out of proportion! Xx


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