Girl about lounge - Fleeced lined heaven

Do you ever have those days where your face just isn't playing ball and you're just not a fan of your appearence? The day these pictures were taken I had majorly fallen out with my face/body/my inability to apply my eyeliner correctly. I miss my runners body and my healthy long hair, i'm in a bit of a body rut at the moment. All the first world issues right? I need a re-invention and i'm in the process of making it happen thanks to my very talented friend and working hard of health changes minus a few ''slip up'' days due to the stress of achieving just under 2000 learners at work. watch this space. . . .

ANYWAY, rambly rant type thing over these were the second pair of Leggsington joggers I ordered mentioned in my other post. These are so as soft and yummy as my other pair if not a slightly little better due to the fact they are mother tucking FLEECED LINED. Since ordering both pairs I have worn them every chance I have had and maybe even slightly developed a bit of separation anxiety from when I can't wear them, can that even be a thing? Even James has been kicking back in both pairs, annoyingly looking 1000% times better in them then myself. That boy and my clothes. I will most definitely be wearing those non stop in winter keeping my long legs all super toastie from wintery chill. AND they are going to be perfect for my 14 hour flight I have coming up next month. totally not ready or stoked about that. The plane dreams have come back with vengeance and i've set up a hypnotherapy appointment to help me not give a shit i'm 30,000ft in the air alongside valium off the doctors. I teamed my joggers with my mesh inserted bralette  I picked up from Topshop last year and after looking at these pictures i'm on an all sugar ban these hips deffo do not lie. Shakira any one? No? ok. 

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  1. You've got such a unique style! I really like the black and white combo!

    1. Thank you ^_^ I like to have fun with my clothes x

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  3. I actually love all of your outfits though! Those joggers look so comfy :')

  4. Thank you lovely ^_^ honestly the most comfiest things ever. x


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