Sunday brought another glorious day for round two of Leeds Festival. Arriving at the site refreshed after staying the night at my aunties [cheers pal] James and I ran down to the main arena to ensure we snagged a decent spot to watch our most highly anticipated band of the weekend; BabyMetal. Now if you haven't heard of this band [where have you been!?] it is essentially a metal band with 3 members of former J-pop groups singing creating a new genre of Kawaii Metal. Honestly it's all kinds of awesome. The crowd was very diverse, clearly die hard fans of the group donned in similar red and black tu-tus and merch. So many metal heads and a lot of people curious to see what all the fuss was about i'm guessing. As soon as the band ran onto the stage I couldn't help nut laugh and smile like a maniac through the entire set of energetic dance routines and catchy songs [Headbanger anyone?] We were completely in our elements and left in high spirits for the rest of the day. 

There are 4 things I love about Leeds fest.

1) Obviously being able to spend the weekend with your friends watching your favourite bands and it being one of the main highlights of summer. I have created so many of my best memories at Leeds, it's the main thing that keeps me going back every single year.

2) Discovering new bands. Walking from tent to tent being lured in by the sound of something new is my favourite, or hearing of a band and going to check their set out. For me this year is was The One hundred. James had mentioned them preciously to me and wanted to go check them out as there were a few covers he liked of theirs. First song and I was hooked. That doesn't happen often with myself. I find it hard to get into new music and I not usually taken with old bands. I like what I like, I primarily listen to the same pop-punk bands I did back when I was 15/16. I managed to snag a few decent shots of the band and watching such a lively and fun performance I hurriedly downloaded their E.P to my phone and checked for up coming shows. 

3) Love for old bands re-kindled. This year for me it was Bring Me The Horizon. I've been a fan since my teens, everyone had a crush on Oli Sykes, probably still do it's ok to admit it no judgement here ;) It had been a fair while since I last went to one of their shows. After their set was up I remembered why I was such a huge fan of them when I was younger. I've had ''Happy Song'' Stuck in my head since Sunday and I have everything crossed I get tickets Friday to see them in November. 

4) The stalls. I love the clothes and the vintage tents in the past i've managed to pick up some absolute steals my favourite being a Macbeth hoodie for a fiver! madness. This year as we were on a tight budget I couldn't really go crazy like I would like to have done and just lustfully looked through the niche items of clothing with a sigh. I did pick up a super sick Bring me shirt. It's been a long while since I bought any band merch let alone wear it. I have a huge stack of band T-shirts in my wardrobe that I just don't have the heart to throw out/ sell on eBay.

The festival was rife with all the short shorts, side boob and a newbie those Calvin Klein sport Bra things in my opinion not so great for a girl with a larger chest, nearly lost my eyes on a few occasions, all the nip slips. Who am I to judge peoples festival fashion choices with the stuff I wear on a regular day. The weekends about having fun and wearing what ever you feel fricking fabulous in. There was also that huge stench of weed that hit you as soon you were through the main arena barriers. The smell of the toilets coming over to you every time the wind decides to change direction. I love it. 

[That's my i'm so cold take the God damned picture face ;)] 

On Sunday I made James que up with me for term a couple of hours. . . . so I could meet Pvris. I had caught their set at Slam Dunk back in May. I had their songs presently stuck in my head and after being an ''I don't like new bands'' advocate they managed to break down that barrier and got themselves a new fan. Please note the fan girl face in the below photo.

Super sad it's all over and the festival blues being at an all time high i'm already looking forward to it in 2016.

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    1. I did and I fan girled . . . . Ah I'm seeing them with BMTH in nov ^_^ x


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