What I Wore: Picnic

So, [I need to stop starting sentences with so] So last weekend James and I were feeling surprisingly fresh after our friends birthday/moving in party and decided to grab a surprisingly sunny Sunday by the bawlz and have a picnic by the canal.

Stoping off at Morrisons for picnic food, we found these awesome pizza pouch things, like inside out pizza pouch things. Not selling them very well. . . . but take my word for it they were AMAZING. I'm all about pizza related products.  After we had stocked up on yummy snacks we headed for our local canal.And then the wind came. I have no idea where from but it was like gale force winds trying desperately to blow our sandwiches and pizza pouches out of our hands. Nightmare. It also blew my hair about so much, it turned it into a ratty mess and my fringe an absolute joke. Double nightmare. 

As the weather was so lovely [barring the wind later on] I thought it would be a good opportunity to wear my new crop I picked up in the Misguided sale mentioned in my July haul video. I had been having a bit of a tricky time trying to find something to team it with. As it does show ALOT of skin, I needed something to wear on the bottom half to tone down how exposing it actually is. Most of my skirts are quite tight and short due to giantism so when put together it kinda looked trashy, and not good trashy. On a whim I decided to try it with my orange Primark skirt and to my surprise it worked. The skirt is quite floaty with a slight pleat and comes to just above my knee. It's also high waisted enough that 1) hides a multitude of sins and 2) is the right high waisted level to avoid trash- Just. Aces. To complete the look I also donned my neon orange Misguided Jelly shoes. Seriously every time I look down at my feet when wearing them I laugh at just how ridiculous they are. 

With ratty hair and a micro fringe stuck up due to intense gales, this did not create the best environment for pictures making them not my best. I powered through, an artist must suffer for their art or some bull like that. . . . .

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  1. Really love your posts !
    Look so swag and edgy :)

    Followed u on bloglovin

    Thank you

    1. Thank you so much ^_^

      I have returned the favour.



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