The Perfect Crop Top And High-waisted Combo

This weekend has been excellent. The weather had been so hawt, like milk was a bad choice hawt. Please please Leeds Fest Gods, please let the weather stay like this for next weekend. It would be nice not to have to live in my wellies for an extended weekend. Just this once?

As the weather has been unexpectedly beautiful I decided to crack out one of my very favourite crop tops and teamed it with my very very favourite UNIF shorts. Both items may or may not be owned by Hayley Williams also. . . . ok they are. Since I was about 16 I have adored everything about Hayley Williams. As mentioned in my other posts, I do base a lot of what I wear heavily on how Hayley dresses. She just has the most fun and wicked sense of style and most importantly seems like a lovely human being with an incredible talent thats made me melt since my early teens. Heart eyes forever for Hayley she is my queen. I find her very inspiring. 

I was watching coverage of Paramore doing their thang when they played Radio 1's Big Weekend a few years back, Hayley exploded onto stage in these amazing shorts, I grabbed my phone and started googling these shorts trying to desperately hunt them down. It was the first time I had heard of UNIF, browsing though their website I wanted to buy one of everythang money permitted. I found the shorts albeit a little pricey I swiftly moved them into my shopping basket, ignored the stupid overseas shipping and hit complete order. Now what made these shorts oh so pricey was I was stung by customs tax. Bane of my online shopping life. I'm forever getting those grey cards of postal death through my letter box demanding I cough up extra cash for my overseas goods. No fair guys. In the end with the added customs tax [and £8 handling fee erm excuse me what?] The shorts ended up totalling near £90 yikes! I do love them and I find them very versatile if you don't mind all the clashes like myself. High wasted and faux leather and studs they do appeal to my inner emo.

The top was a Valentines gift from James this year, again I was watching Hayley performing ''Still Into You'' on American idol and again grabbed my phone and started googling where I could pick up the crop. Thx google for helping my shopping addiction. This time I managed to avoid customs charges for the first time ever. I haven't worn it much purely as I kinda over did the cake and chocolate thing and it made me not want to show off the result of the sugar addiction. I'm back on track with my exercise guide and I can dare to bare. Well, just a 'lil.

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  1. You're just too cool, Jess, can we be friends? Okay, then lol.

    Sarah x

    1. Hahaa if only I was cool! Erm and yes I'd love to be friends ^_^ x

  2. I absolutely love Hayley's sense of style, she always looks so cool. I loooooovveee those shorts as well, they're amazing. I've just stumbled across your blog and I love it, been scrolling through your posts, you have an amazing style - just gave you a follow on Bloglovin.

    The Velvet Black // UK Style & Beauty Blog

    1. It's perfect isn't it? I just love how much fun she has with her clothes! These shorts are quite a prized possession of mine, took a little while to get hold of.

      Thank you so much I really appreciate your comment, i've returned the favour, you have worked style ^_^ x


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