Reds True BBQ Leeds- Let There Be Meat!

So last week I decided it was time to start up my Bikini Body guide again after weeks of neglect and start being more strict with my diet, my standards had slipped and so had my physique. I needed a place to go for my ''last meal'' where I could truly indulge before cutting out the crap for a 21 day stint. [i'm on day 2 of nothing bad and already have the shakes due to sugar withdrawals.] 
After having a real craving since last time I went, Red's True BBQ in Leeds was the obvious choice. Jim and I were already going to Leeds as my work wardrobe needed a bit of a re-vamp, ta Primark. 

As soon as you walk in, the smell of food BBQ-ing hits you instantly, smokey and delicious. After pouring over the menu, I had a difficult time trying to choose what I wanted the most. I went with Pulled pork and slaw, which came with two ''humble sides'' or one ''divine side'' I went with mash potatoes and corn bread -oh Lord dat Mash creamy and perfect. The pork was slow cooked to perfection and literally melted in your mouth. As standard the tables have bottles of BBQ for you to choose to go with your selected meal. [More BBQ with your BBQ anyone?] Seriously though you can never have too much BBQ sauce. 

As we had gotten to Reds before 12pm Sunday, meaning there was a brunch menu so Jim opted for the Red's Classic Breakfast Burger consisting of burger, grilled cheese, black pudding, peppered bacon and a fried egg. Safe to say he was in absolute heaven. This also came with a side of skin on fries. I didn't try any of Jim's as I'm not a lover of black pudding. . . . The food was served on trays in metal dishes making me feel I was camped out on a ranch somewhere in Texas [minus the bugs] everything about the food and down to the presentation was amazing. The staff are super friendly and helpful creating an enjoyable atmosphere. There was a lot of families dining at Reds, they even have special meals to accommodate appetites of your little people. We left Reds bellies full and tastebuds satisfied, if only my protein shakes had the same effect. . . .

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