July Favourites

Hello Again. Three posts in one week surely thats gotta be some sort of record on my part. Today i've decided to experiment with vlogging and of course the day I decide to do this for the first time a huge spot decides to appear right on my forehead :/ Ta pal.  I'm not sure if it will be such a regular thing as I have no idea what I am doing and being filmed exposes how awkward I am. In the short few months I have been blogging I have seen quite a few people do mini hauls or monthly favourites so I thought to start off I would give that a shot. I have created a Youtube Channel so if you could hit the subscribe button that would be awesome ^_^
There is a lot of ''ums'' and ''so's'' my bad. Also keep your ears open for all the traffic noise this picks up from outside my house yey. . . .
I'm going to now going to enjoy the rest of my Sunday with home made chicken Kiev's and veg with Strawberry and Marshmallow Ice cream to follow. Which I made from scratch ;) Wow,  I've crammed a lot into today.

It has taken so so long to get this thing to render and upload. After a long long wait it's uploaded the unedited one. . . . Practice makes perfect I guess.