'' I have too many shoes'' Said no girl eva

Firstly I'ma start off by apologising as Blogging this week has been extremenly sparse and has taken a bit of a back seat, my bad. If you are following me on Twitter you will have seen numouros tweets regarding the INSANE amount of over time i've done this week. I've become some what delirious because of this and i'm afraid my post will probably be just rambles and non-sensical. Let's face it whenever isn't it? 
I've also started up my BBG guide after a huge break from it. Lord I forgot how much hard work it is. Hopefully the effort will pay off again and my fading abs will come back. So with working so much, fitting in daily workouts, general house work duties and spending time with my boy and cat [yes cat, can't neglect Cassandra and have her thinking I no longer love her] I haven't had much time to spend on my blog and it has become neglected but not forgotten. Interaction with other bloggers and trying to fit in chats have been 0 to none this week and honestly its made me kinda sad. [is that sad in it's self?] 

Things i've learn't when i'm spreading myself too thin:

1) I need to pace myself and not do too much at once, I can't give things the individual attention it needs and I despise the outcome. 

2) Must remember to write up draft posts for when I have a busy week coming up, that way at least I have something to post when i'm MIA. I plan this weekend to do just that.

3) Bulk photos. I'll be taking advantage of my overtime free weekend and taking as many as I can. Sorry James.

4) I have made a hell of a lot of calls this week at work, some days peaking over 200. I ring mostly care homes and I have found that 9 out of 10 have hold music that would be perfect for a Zelda game, just saying' [Ok that wasn't a ''spreading myself too thinly'' thing but whatevs I thought it was important to mention] I am currently dreaming about leaving voicemails. Do you feel me TSN ladiez?

SO, that was possibly the HUGEST tangent I have ever gone off on. None of it being important, well apart from the Zelda thing. 

After working my absolute butt off i've also done what I do best and done some sale shopping.
Winters coming, dare I mention it and i've been looking out for some new boots. [Yes yes i'm always ''looking for the perfect something'' get off my back yeah?] My ones at the moment I love but are kinda looking a bit worse for wear. I've had to do that thing where you colour the scuffs in with black marker as to create the illusion they are not due for a throw out. After browsing the ASOS sale I stumbled across not one but TWO pairs I fell in love with instantly. One pair was just a clompy pair of Chelsea boots that are just divine and big like all my features, size 7 anyone? And the other hit all kinds of gross levels that satisfied my need for ridiculous clothing. 

Now I usually steer clear of snake skin anything as I find it not the good kind gross, I could bear this on these boots as it was only minimal. The sole is cleated, complete with unnecessary chain detail at the front. Aces. What made the boots even more desirable is that they were only £17.50 from £50. Double aces.

Now i'm kinda of a giant anyway, and you know what I really like being long and lanky too. I like items of clothing even better when they accentuate my long and lankyness. So these boots add at least another 3-4 inches to my already 5''8 inches. When I was younger I always wanted to hit 6''. I wasn't very stoked when I turned 21 and I never made it to new realms of hieght. So ridiculous footwear will have to compensate for now to give me those extra inches. 

If you got to the end of this post, well done you ;)


  1. Love your hair!!! I'm awful at writing draft posts. I start them and then have to finish them last minute haha. Same goes for photo taking, I need to get more organised!


    1. Thank you beautiful ^_^ if I'm not feeling it I feel like its so forced. I like to scribble ideas on a notebook for later. Thanks for checking out my post really means a lot. xx


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