Dealing with Dyslexia

First things first, dyslexia doesn't equal dumb lets rule that myth right out. Take Einstein for example he is world famous for having a crazy high IQ and he struggled with dyslexia. [I am not comparing myself to Einstein in no way ha!] Mine is something i've always hidden and not told anybody about unless I really really had to. Not due to embarrassment, more from my experiences in the past. I got  treated like I couldn't do certain things, not given a shot like they presume i'm going to fail or mess it up so why bother trusting me with it? Not cool. 

What I get from mine is a lot of frustration. knowing perfectly what you want to express, say write down in your head and it not coming across how you want it to. Forgetting things, taking longer then people to get stuff. When given instructions you concentrate so much on making sure you're taking it in you end up forgetting what you're being told. You see their mouth moving but you can't hear the words, they're forgein to you. You then panic that you can't make them stick no matter how hard you try. The annoyance on the persons face when you ask them to repeat what they said to you for the third time. Being branded lazy. I am constantly asking people to spell things for me, is this the right their, are you sure that makes sense? You have more words with red wiggly lines under them then not. Spell checker becomes your best friend. But then sometimes even that can betray you when you spell something so bad even your computer doesn't recognise it. The dreaded grammar Nazis swooping down making you feel even smaller when you've used the wrong ''your'' on your Facebook status . [''You're*''  anyone?] Thanks, thank you for pointing that out to everyone with that little star you absolute gem you. Personally I think that's damn right rude. If your'e one of those think before you correct yeah? Is it really that much of a big deal that every Facebook status is excuted perfectly? 

Now i've known I had dyslexia since I was at school, it was picked up at a very early age, it doesn't just affect reading/writing. My hand eye coordination is laughable. I am really really clumsy, like I will totally miss judge a door, and whilst trying to walk though it, i'll walk into the door frame. I am forever covered in bruises due to mis-judging stuff. I am a little ''ditzy'' it's the only way I can think of describing how I can be. My attention span is terrible, like worse than a gold fishes. Words move around on contrasting colours, like literally spin around the page meaning I need glasses to kinda stop this. Spelling words is the bane of my life. Like the word future, I can never ever ever remember how to spell that or received. Reading however is one of my strengths. I read a lot in school to help me with my dyslexia. By the end of primary school my teachers proudly told my mum at the age of 11, I had the reading age of a 16 year old+ something my mum never thought she would hear. Go me. My teachers in high school were less than helpful, parents evening after parents evening they told my mum not to expect higher than a D in English. They'd given up hope.Who smashed their English Lit and got a high B? ME.

I guess what i'm trying to say is I never let my dyslexia stop me from what I wanted to do. In fact it made me more determined to prove people wrong that I could do it, and well. [I'm dead stubborn like that] and I have. I am 25 years old, most primary school kids could probably identify the right ''there'', ''there'' and ''their'' better than me. It's never stopped me once when i've set out to achieve something. 

Oooo I got all serious on ya.


  1. Its lovely to hear that you have not let it stoped you achieving in life. I have always struggled with my spelling but I was really proud when I got a B in my English language exam. Great post

    1. Thank you ^_^ spelling and grammar is my downfall. My minds at a blank most of the time Hahaa! Well done you, I was chuffed when I got a B xx


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