So I may or may not have just discovered  Polyvore properly and it may or may not be my new favourite app. I've definitley been having way more fun then I care to admit putting together things I want. Oh so very very dangerous. 

I have reached new levels of broke. I have done so much overtime this month to beef up my wage for September I was very disheartened  when I got my slip today and it was all kinds of grim. So what better way to add insult to injury then lust over lovely items and create a wish list knowing I will not be able to get my hands on these beauties for a good while. 

Now I'm not stupid. I know there are consequences to reckless spending actions. I know if I buy that UNIF set ima be eating beans for the rest of the month, with no one to blame for it but myself. I've done it before and I'll probably do it again. This month though if I bought any of the above items I wouldn't even be able to afford the beans. 

Best get selling my life on eBay. Being an adult is boring sometimes. 

First up is this super funky, [yeah I described something as ''funky'' what of it?!] SkinnyDip Popcorn iPhone case. The popcorns have googly eyes for crying out loud. Coming in at £14.99

Next up in my ever expanding wishlist are these Leggsinton Joggers, I saw Amy Valentine post about them on her IG intrigued I checked out their site and now I really want pair for my flight to Japan. Swaying more to the pair that look like chefs trousers. In the Sale for £22.30

The Disturbia Corduroy Pinafore is also in the sale, I've been looking for a cute black corduroy pinafore like this for a while and haven't seen one yet that's 'me' until now. A steal at just £22.50

Ah the UNIF underwear set. I've been lusting over this since forever and whenever they have it back in my size i'm out of dollar dollar. £49.73 for the set


  1. Polyvore is one of the worst things to happen to me (procrastination wise) since the Asos Wishlist. Loving the dress and the phone case :) xxx


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