August buys

So today has not gone down how I hoped, I left work early ill [boohoo Jess] and have pretty much napped the afternoon away waking up STARVING. I'm going to try tempt my stomach with some food and hope it doesn't come back up - Sorry for the visual. I forgot to take a picture after shooting this August haul video and i'm looking quite grim so there will be no selfie's a happenin' for the thumbnail of this video. So please enjoy this recycled picture I found in my iPhotos. On a more serious, less self pitying note:


No really, September is literally round the corner and I find it absoloutley terrifying that before we know it, it will be Christmas/ New Year and 2016 will in full swing. And i'll be 26. . . . ew. BUT this does mean my trip to Japan is only 65 days away. ALL THE EXCITEMENT. Ima worn you now, i'll become more and more obnoxious the closer the trip gets, just a heads up. 

This months haul shows you my favourite buys of this month and some excellent bargains i've been able to score and it also highlights the less then flattering faces/angles I like to pull. Is that seriously how I look when I talk. . . .

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