I always always think of really good blog titles/ideas at work and the second I come home to put them into place I forget. Note to self must attain notebook to keep in my bag when I have creative explosions. They're few and far between lately :/ 
But guess what guys?! I BOUGHT MY OWN DOMAIN YEYYYY. It's only half working for the moment. . . . but yeah I have my very own domain. ^_^ I'm still trying to work out the bugs with various emails being sent backwards and forwards between myself and You see my Blogger gets redirected to my new site just fine but then the name changes back to ''Foxxtailz.Blogspot'' and well its driving me insane. Half there and all that.

Going off on a tangent yet again Jess, I have finally found the perfect Denim vest. Now this is a pursuit I have been embarking on for some time now and it's finally over. I've wanted one for a bit so I can scruff it up, customise add badges studs and band patches etc. And I found it for £7 on depop [Insert sassy wink face emoji] Don't you think things are so much better when you get them for an absolute bargain? You get a huge sense of shopping achievement. . . . well I do. It's slightly cropped now I don't know if it is supposed to be like that or if its just my super stretched torso creating the cropped illusion. Probs the latter. So now my every growing patch/pin/badge collection can finally have a new denim home. On the back it has this really sweet alien motif print thing, not sure what the technical term is for it is, pretty sure someone all about the fabric would could tell me about it.

I'm also loving my Weird Girl Halter Top I picked up from Happy Monday A good few months ago. Whilst having a clean out of my never ending wardrobe I rediscovered this Kawaii beauty. An absolute steal at $15 including shipping. As mention in my other post i'm not the biggest fan of jeans but I can't really find anything else to wear my halter with, so i'm stuck with just jeans for now. 

I've also found myself recently verging off ever so slightly into ghetto queen. In this I think it's the hoops and lipstick combo which i'm all about at the moment. The second it starts turning into a little less ghetto fun and a bit more Chavtastic pass-me-the-bottle-of-white-lighting-i'll-see-you-at-the-park then i'll ditching the hoops and purple lipstick. 

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  1. This outfit looks amazing! Especially the Weird Girl halter top. :) xxx

    1. Thank you ^_^ I got it from an IG shop for like £6! xx


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