Accidental Ghetto Outfits

Let me let you in on something. I hate this whole ''sports Lux'' thing and I hate hate wearing jeans. Both said hated things I have on in this post. Jeans are uncomfortable, restricting and boring and for myself I don't think they're very flattering. Sport's lux I guess i'm not  into stores getting in Fila and Kappa Tshirts and selling them for like £30+ I once had a bright orange Kappa Tracksuit, I very much doubt my mum paid anywhere near that. Probably ''fell off the back of a lorry'' if you get me. . . . But lately people seem to be going crazy for them. Guys it's just a Fila shirt, remember a few years ago you could probably pick one up for £3.99 from Sports Direct. Each to their own I guess. 

Last weekend James and I went to York to get myself a new MacBook. Obviously as i'm a girl huge red sale signs draw me in to any shop like a moth to a flame, like the moth the outcome of being drawn to the flame is dangerous and silly. Now I don't usually shop in Urban Outfitters, the prices annoy me but I do really really like most of the stuff they sell. I'll see a cute crop pick it up, check the price tag laugh and put it back down. I am a bargain hunter. I wait for stuff to go in the sale, I keep my beady little eye on things I like and then wait. This time however I just thought I would have a browse and see if I could uncover any hidden Gems. Meanwhile I had James following me around like a dad mumbling to himself about the prices and shaking his head every now and again. And then I spotted it, I was instantly drawn to this black mesh vest [channeling my inner 15 year old emo girl] flipped it over and saw it was Nike. At first I was a little reluctant you know the whole Sports Lux I don't like you but the more I looked at it the more I loved it the mesh, the racer back everything. I went to check the price tag and was pleasantly surprised it was only £12, that with the store offering an extra 20% of sale items brought it down to £10 -Excellent! I walked around with it not being able to put it back down and it sort of ended up in paper bag and me taking it home. . . .  At the till the total price scanned at £8. I managed to successfully buy something from UO for under a tenner that NEVER happens. 

Even though I only bought it last Saturday it's defiantly had it's wear already.My favourite is to tuck in into something high waisted [Like my Tartan pants, see last post.]


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  1. The title of this post really intrigued me, haha. I love the outfit though. You could even pair up the shirt and jeans with some boots for a more autumnal look now that it's getting colder! :) xxx

    1. Hahaa I just feel whenever I wear sportswear it can boarder line chavey/ghettoish? Ha that's the vice I got anyway ^_^ I could! All the layers! Xxx


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