You ready? This is going to be a biggie' like you may as well grab yourself a cup of tea some sort of beverage and 7 packets of biscuits and make sure you're comfy if you wanna wade though this thang. I'm not even sure i'l be able to complete this post by the end of tonight. I'm so beat I feel like James is going to find me slumped over my Mac in a sleep deprived slumber mid bad joke on my post. You've been warned pals.

SO. If you follow myself on Twitter/Instagram  [If not how come man? Everyone loves a shameless plug ;)] You will know i've been banging on about this trip down south pretty much since we booked it. And oh man did I enjoy it. With our trip starting with a nice and early alarm at 4.00am [which I did not enjoy] our Taxi arrived at 5.00am ready to take the three of us down to York so we could catch our Megabus. Arriving a little early we decided to grab a drink and chill out in the waiting room at the train sation. Morning entertainment was provided by a vocal man complete with JLS hoodie asking us to lend him 17p then preceding to tell us he was going to have a banana. After said banana was consumed the gentleman then started shouting about doughnuts and the number 41. Our cue to exit and head to the coach stop. James is still purplexed about where he managed to get his hands a JLS hoodie. 

You know what the mega bus isn't really that bad it's how we always travel to London, just under half of your journey is on a coach, the rest by train and for 26 quid for a return journey you can't really grumble. We arrived in London at around 11.15am check in at the hotel wasn't until 3pm so we had some time to kill before heading over and checking in. We decided to visit the the Natural History Museum, we'd promised to take James's brother Lewis as he's never ever been to London before. London was so so hot that day. Waiting in line to get into the museum I could feel more poor skin baking away, life of a paley. I think the reason most people visit the museum and why it is so so popular is the awesome dino collection. My fave part of the museum is the entrance hall, you're greeted by a huge diplodocus skeleton cast named ''Dippy'' in this beautifully put together gigantic room.  I could stare at the wooden staircases with intricate carvings and stain glass windows all day. A beautiful building filled with weird and wonderful things. I've read online that their is talk about retiring Dippy and replacing it with the huge Blue whale skeleton instead. visits just won't be the same!

A few hours into our visit, our feet hurting and fatigue starting to creep in on us, we decided it would be best to grab some food and hop on a tube and find the hotel. [BTW Oyster cards, why have I never bothered to get one before this trip? GENIUS!] Where our Travelodge was situated was THEE Ghetto.  James kept shooting me looks that said where have you brought us Jess? Whoops. . . . Like I was afraid to get my phone out just incase it was snatched away from me by a toddler on their big wheel. Thankfully their was a Massive Asda [and a ''Sam 99p'' please see below picture] situated right next to the hotel so we stocked up on snacks and liquids to see us through the hot hot night. Because we are old and had been up since 4.00am walked 228896376 miles and had mild heat stoke, we called it a night pretty early and decided to get some rest before another early morning before Hyper Japan. Now I was going to create one huge huge post that covered the whole weekend but I think that's enough of my rambles for now. I'll probably make this a 3 parter as to not bore you too much. For now enjoy far too many pictures, I am most definitely the definition of snap happy, poor Lewis found out the hard way.