When was the last time you backed up your data?

So I hope everyone is familiar with SATC.  It's my go to show, have something on in the background whilst doing something. Or just to stick on as I don't really watch TV. It just kinda sits in my living room collecting dust. I didn't have a TV for the best part of last year, and Everytime someone came over it looked liked I'd been robbed. Once James moved in it was one of the first things we bought together [communal aww plz] anyway back to the point/reference I'm
Making. I'm Having a total Carrie moment/nightmare where her Mac just gives out on her, she takes it to be serviced and the guys all like when did you last back up? Erm I don't back up like ever. Stupid stupid. I have had my Mac for a little over 6 years now, and it has 6 years of my life on it. There is literally THOUSANDS Of photos on it that I will be completely gutted if I loose. All my pictures when I went traveling for a year back when I was 19 and the first year of mine and James relationship, hang outs with friends and adventures just anything else I like to document. Pictures are important to me. I like to capture a happy moment, so I can look back and remember it for ever and the feeling I had at that point. 

Sod's law init? As soon as you get a good flow of something, another thing swoops over and it's like nah pal it's time for the hurdles. I have so many blog posts in the pipeline, the next 2 instalments on my London diary, outfits posts and a company has sent me a product to review. Something I'm very excited about, a lovely lady wants me to feature me on her travel site and do a piece on me [I was so unbelievably flattered/thrilled when she asked. ] but I can't access any of my pictures so that's currently on hold.

After ringing Apple help, I was advised to to bring my Mac to be serviced and perhaps have the battery replaced. Sounds expensive. Sounds like I can't afford it. Here's hoping I haven't lost everything and this will be a hard lesson learnt in backing up. It's gonna be a little low key around here until this technical issue is resolved :/