Sunday Vibes

I love Sundays. Sunday's are my day. Recently in a bid to get as much overtime in as possible, I have been going into work on a Saturday morning also. Only for four hours but it has meant getting up and being at work for 8am. That's six days of early rises and no sleep ins. Nightmare. Around Thursday I start to become delirious though lack of sleep i'm a treat for James. So what I like to do on a Sunday is absolutely nothing at all. Nada nothing no. We usually have friends over the night before for drinks which always leads to me nursing some sort of a hang over. I wake up dead late, Jim usually brings me home a Subway and treats as he's an absolute super star. I get up have a bath put on fresh jammies and well I er get back into bed. I binge watch anime series, SATC or American Dad with Jim and stuff my face mebs post a blog or prep one up. Perfect. I leave all the house work to the last possible minute do it and then get back into bed. Do you see my pattern here? My Week days are so Jam packed I just like to do nothing re-chanrge and wait for the hectic week to start all over again. This girl can sleep if you let her. BRB off to have my 7th nap of the day.