I feel you in these walls

Lately i've been cheating on Paramore with Pvris. A LOT. [Sorry Hayley, you'll always be my queen bee] I've literally had their album playing since I went to Slam dunk in May. My lovely friend Pip loves Pvris and really wanted to see them so we all stuck around to watch and well since then i've just had ''St. Patrick'' and ''Holy'' stuck in my head. Totally get the hype now.

Sooooo random opener aside I have had a manic work week, can't believe it's Thursday already! I work for a company that funds learning courses and my role is to get these learners passed and achieved by their deadline dates, to help and support them though it, we all get allocated contracts usually over a thousand people to manage, well as you can imagine it gets a little hectic. This time of year stress levels are at an all time high for everyone in the office. I feel my stomach churning with stress I swear i'm developing stomach ulcers and the complexion of a pubescent 15 year old, I'VE DONE MY TIME LEAVE MY SKIN BE. Deadline date is tomorrow, the academic year is ending and the race is on to close these contracts. Stress aside there is a such of adrenaline though the office as we are smashing targets and watching the learners drop and contracts close one by one. You do get a huge sense of achievement and ''I did that'' feeling after it comes off. All of the feelz.

As usual I spent my Saturday morning doing overtime, need to grab all that dollar dolla when while I can yo. It's about a forty minuet walk to work one way and theres this cute little route you can go down by the canal that makes the commute not so bad. I thought I would do a blog shoot on the way home, kill 2 birds with one stone. The weather was in my favour that day and I think my photographer [James ;)] did all right! I'm currently wearing this top TO DEATH. It's another item I snagged in my Forever 21 haul from when I was in London. The top is so incredibly soft and flattering, I love how at the front it seems like a normal sized shirt then drops in the back- lovely! I teamed it with my Motel Moon and Stars skirt and my Docs, I have other footwear I swear I just really kinda like them a lot. . . .

I hope your week hasn't been as stressy as mine, if so hold on, it's almost Friday [*Insert sassy sunglasses wearing emoji dude*]  
I was gonna end this with ''Peace out'' and then I remembered I can't pull that off. . . . so it's a polite good bye from me, i'm off to go read in bed and cuddle my cat as James is currently MIA . I seem to have lost him to God Of War. 

Top Forever 21| Skirt Motel| Earrings Black moon| Armlet stall in Camden|