10 things only cat owners will get

It's become quite an Internet thing to become a self confessed cat lady. I myself am no exception- I go practically goo-goo over little whiskers and fluffy paws. My cat Cassie is my pride and joy, my fluffy number one, she has James [even though he would never admit it] wrapped round her littlest claw I freaking love her ok? Regardless of her little cat "hacks"

1) Wanting whatever you're eating/drinking knowing they won't like it. If you're having it they've got to have it too. It's time to come to terms that you have to share everything with your fluffy pal, however once you offer what it is you're eating, it no longer becomes desirable and they no longer care for it. 

2) Like your privacy? Well wave bye bye to it and say hello to your new fluffy shadow. Nowhere is safe not even the bathroom. 

3) Cat hair gets EVERYWHERE. You can clean and vac and tidy up as much as you want. Clean the sides down wash up thoroughly, you're still going to find at least 3 cat hairs in your sandwich you made for work. . . . 

4) Answering your cats meaows. With "OMG you're totes joking? Then what happened?" you sound like a mad woman but you still find yourself speaking to your cat with full blown conversation leaving the cat thinking that you're and absolute moron. I tell Cassandra "bless you" when she sneezes. 

5) Early wake up calls, seriously 5am is not a good time to have tummy tickles or to play outside stop pawing me in the face and GO BACK TO SLEEP. 

6) Taking up all the bed and not having the heart to move your sleeping purr bag, instead you find yourself moulding around your cats shape as not to disturb their kitty slumber like some sort of contourtist. 

7) Spontaneous moments of madness usually just before you're about to go to bed seems to be the perfect time for them to get all the energy and run from one end of the house to the other at full speed.

8) Using your bag as a litter tray. Not cool Cassandra not cool. 64784792883 bags later I've found out the hard way to put any bag I'm using away when I'm done. 

9) Oh you're reading? Wait let me come over and rub my face all over your book making it impossible for you to continue. 

10) It is every cats duty to be as annoying as possible while being competly endearing at the same time. Cassie has definitely mastered the art of this. 


  1. haha this is such a cute post! i really want a kitty for myself now ^_^


    1. Aww thank you. I love my little fluffy shadow, even if she can be a pain in the bum sometimes. Get yourself a furry friend ^_^ x

  2. My little beastie cat *has* to lay on the book you're reading. It's like cat law...

    1. Hahaa, this is totally true! Or if you have clothes folded on the bed, they seem to think it's the perfect spot to lay.


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