Reinvention and life make overs.

I've had a very strange 2 weeks. I've struggled quite a bit and felt like i've been existing rather then living. Going though the motions of daily life routines, becoming a bit of a push over. 

This week I had had enough, I stepped back picked out the aspects of my life I am not happy with and I have started to make changes. I have cut out things/people that were no good for me. I can't go into details as of yet unfortunately these changes must be made privately. The slight changes I have made so far are giving me back some control and I'm so happy to be regaining it.

Firstly I worked on myself as you may have read in previous posts I started to exercise again using a plan I bought around Easter time that I couldn't recommend enough. I started using shakes and instead of holding back tears every time I got undressed or got out of the the shower, I was starting not to mind so much what I saw. I have around 10 lbs to go before I reach my target and I feel confident i'll get there soon with the hard work and dedication to good eating.

Next year James and I have been toying with the idea of moving to Leeds. It would be great living back in my home town after being plucked from there 10 years ago and brought to Selby. My sister moved to Swindon around 4 years ago and my mum to New Zealand coming up to 2 years leaving me the last one of my family left in Selby. Where strapped for things to do here in this dull little town where as in Leeds we could experience the night life, check out gigs on a week day, stroll around discovering new bits of the city. Try as many eateries as we want catch a film all with the luxury of being on our doorstep. If I had my way i'd have new beginnings in London, but Leeds will do for now. Never say never right? The only downside would be not conveniently being able to stop by and see my friends as and when I wanted to like I can now. 

With a city move, must also come a new job. Which I think is the thing I may be most excited about, once I get the ball rolling and under control on all other aspects. A job that isn't just a job, my career. Something I can build up to and climb my way right to the very top. I plan to reinvent myself and change my look. I want to be taken seriously and unfortunately I feel their is a lot of discrimination out there towards people that break from the mould. I'm going to find the right balance of myself with a mix of presenting myself so I am taken seriously in what I peruse. Watch this space, I won't be stopping until I get what I want I'm starting to find my spark again. 


  1. Good Luck with everything!! :)


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