Regal Rose

Just going to put it out there right now, I love Regal Rose.

I think I have found a company that sells the most perfect pieces EVER. There is something that makes this company stand out from all the jewellery pages that are popping up at the moment - Well for me anyway.  Looking through Instagram one boring mid-week night I came across their page. I fell in love instantly with their gorgeous range and knew my bank balance was about to hate me. As a payday treat and browsing the webpage quite thoroughly, looking at their hair pieces, necklaces and chokers. Lusting after their septum's, my God their septum's are just spot on. knowing that 1) If I bought a Septum and changed mine work would loose their shit and 2) I haven't changed my septum in the 5 years i've had it and would be petrified of not being able to put a ring back in I decided to pick up the Luna circlet.  All the Sailor Moon vibes and feelz. I love festival season and the fashions/styles and I think that's what drew me to this company. It's very experimental/bohemian/fun. I think people forget about their hair and what they can do with it. I don't mean by colouring and styling, I am terrible at both hence why my hair has stayed the same for bout 2 and a half years. I like to decorate mine and make it fun. I started out by wearing brightly coloured feathers to radiate those festival vibes all year round, but I'm always looking for new things to attach to my hair. Thank you RR for introducing me to hair rings, I only picked up a couple for the time being but i'm sure after time and experimentation it will become something as permanent to me as my hair feathers. Once I placed my order on Thursday, it arrived quickly and was with me by Saturday morning super speedy! I'm so impressed I just had to share the quality of the products and my experience with them. One happy customer that will definitely be going back again and again and again. 
I currently have my eye on ALL the Hannah Snowdon drop. I urge you to go now and shop!
[Spontaneous rhyming.] 

Quick little experimental picture at the bottom thank you lighting for ageing my hair wah, both my new items will be featuring in many outfit post i'm sure this festival season ^_^