New Moon,Total Eclipse

What's this? Blogging two consecutive days in a row? You're lucky if I post once a week never mind two ;) [using the word lucky loosely here guys.] 
It's a Monday morning I'm in bed next to a dormant James that won't be awakening for a another good 2-3 hours -no seriously. No work for me today as James is visiting the dentist and needs to be escorted home as he is being sedated hahaa! Kinda like Miranda after her eye surgery on SATC where Steve has to take her home but she's all like ''bitch I don't need no man, I'ma successful lawyer in NYC mother tucker. I can do dis!!!'' Could be paraphrasing there who knows. Anyway i'm not at work and I thought i'd use this time to have a look through some old pictures for blog posts that didn't quite cut it when they were first taken. You see James and I decided it would be nice to go out for a bit a fancy date night steak night meal and I thought it would be a good opportunity to 1) wear my new Motel dress [all the love for you and your moon prints give me it all] and 2) show off said dress in a new post. See the problem was I had done overtime that Saturday and needed a nap, I am 25 now and getting sleep is important and naps become high priority and required if you're going to be staying out past 10pm. It always starts off as a good idea, oh i'll just have an hours kip and i'll wake up refreshed and ready to stay up maybe up until 12 am who knows? But no I wake up grumpy and hating life and anything near me IT HAPPENS ALL THE TIME AND I NEVER LEARN. After nap depression is a real thing google it me and my friend Charlotte complain about it to each other all the time. She likes naps too.

So getting ready puffy eyed and needing another 1393 years sleep I still hated everything. The only thing that didn't make me throw my teddy out of the pram further and request we order pizza was the promise of steak and a handsome man to stare at. I proceeded to get ready, such toil much issues very first world. You know what I had a lovely night like I always do and the meal was amazing, I still dream of the steak and the rice it was served with
. Mental note, must go back to Olive and Grill and get more rice to satisfy cravings. Perhaps even find out what it was. 

Dress Motel Rocks//Shoes Ark//Bag eBay originally River Island// Hat h&m