Morning Pastries & mid week days off.

This is kind of a mix up post more than purely an outfit post. I prefer to do more personal posts then just what i'm wearing. [How many times can Jess fit the word post in an opening sentence?. . . Post. . . .] I have a lot of content so this may get a bit rambley. Lets face it whenever is it not?

Anyway back to the post heh. I had a very very earlier morning appointment in York today which meant a day off work for me today yey! It was kinda on the outskirts and being a public transport depender not so convenient to get to by bus. All good though because papa Ayton came to the rescue and dropped Jim and I where I needed to be. Slightly late [I hate hate hate being late, if anything I like to be quite early to things] I only spent just under an hour there and the rest of the sunny day was left for James and I to enjoy. Side note, James comes everywhere with me ha!

We stolled back into York and headed over to a little cafe I had passed a few times and always wanted to go check out called "The hungry Artist.'' James always finds the name amusing. 
Pastries consumed and feeling like I had spent the morning in a Parisian cafe on a sunny day was just lovely. We noticed on the wall a flyer for free screen printing lessons every Tuesday which we most certainly will be taking advantage of next week. I used to love doing screen printing in college so having a brush up lesson will be right up my street. 

Now a trip to York wouldn't be complete without a trip to my favourite shop down Fossgate gate. I love browsing though this cute little nick nack type shop that just sells the most loveliest things [and has the biggest range of Moomin paraphernalia I have seen in one place. Bonus points to you Give A Dog A Bone.] York really is full of cute independent shops waiting to be discovered.

Lusting after many a thing I can't afford I had worked up quite an appetite, my friend Charlotte had recommended ''Ed's diner'' at the outlet so we decided to check it out knowing it would be right up James street. I'm not really a burger kinda girl unless its like a double cheese from Maccies [If you're gonna do it, you do it dirty yeah?] Carefully opting for a pulled pork sub the potions sizes were ridic obviously ended up giving half of mine to James as he effortlessly cleaned his plate minuets before. I want to know where on earth he puts it all, I so much as look at piece of cake and i'm exercising it off for 2 and a half weeks. Doesn't stop me reaching for the cake mind. 

The outlet is kinda dire for shopping. There are literally a handful of shops that interest me. The cosmetic company has a limited range of MAC products, sometimes you can score a decent Lipstick for a tenner if you're lucky. Most of the time it's the last stock of poo brown that are less than desirable and have been sat on the same shelf since the store opened. The Lindtt store obviously for sugar addiction reasons and the Vans store. If I am not at work I am in my Vans 99.9% of the time. They are my go to  footwear of choice since I was about 15. [TEN YEARS AGO WHAT WAIT WHY AM I TWENTY FIVE ALREADY?!] Still hurts. 
Seeing as my current pair I have had longer then I care to admit now with new toe hole poking through at the top, I reluctantly decided it was time to say bye bye to my battered all shoes and purchase a new pair toe hole free. We have a friend that works at the store who very kindly gave an extra 30% off meaning the shoes only cost me £21, also meaning I only had £21 to put back into my savings next month. It's all about who you know obviously. 

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  1. I love your outfit!! Also,those vans are so cute!! I had a pair similar which i refused to get rid of even with holes in them!! They have disappeared and I cant seem to find them so I think my boyfriend secretly has chucked them away! Hes doing me a favour really! :')

    Ive only been to Ed's Diner once & only got a milkshake but my god their milkshakes could serve like 3 people!!

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. Thank you, I'm doing a separate post on my outfit this week ^_^ may as well stretch it out ha!

      Oh man they're so bad, I tried to throw my old ones out but my boyfriend said to give them a wash and not be wasteful. They're beyond saving ha!

      I wanted a milk shake but I couldn't stomach it after that plateful.

      Thanks for reading and commenting :) xx


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