Great British what?

OMG the weather. June is nearly done and I haven't seen even a glimmer of summer. Not even a promise nada NOTHING. Just muggy days and rain induced big hair. Festival season my absolute favourite season is coming up and I'm really hoping for good weather and not a complete wash out like all the previous years. Meaning waterproofs, Docs and all the crop tops.

James and I are going to Japan in October [Have I mentioned that already ;)?] and since booking it at the beginning of the year we came to terms with the fact we would have to sacrifice a few things in order to save cash up for our 2 week trip, knowing it would be completely worth it. A big chunk of our wages being put away each month meant we knew we wouldn't be able to go to London as many times as we wanted like last year, pass up on gigs and the thing i'd find the hardest to give up: Leeds fest. I've been going every year since 2007 barring 2009 when I went travelling for a year I was finding it hard coming to terms with the fact I couldn't go this year. Once the first few bands were announced I wasn't so fussed I mean Mumford and and Sons, Catfish and the Bottlmen weren't exactly selling it for me or James making the blow easier.  Once they started announcing more bands later on it became oh so more applealing. I mean I cried a little bit when I saw BabyMetal had been confirmed, you only get it if you get it.

After careful money planning and myself repeatedly like a child whining ''can we go James please can we go, it's BABYMETAL.'' ''OMG plzzzz.'' We decided we could afford to juggle 2 days at Leeds without sacrificing any of our precious dolla for Japan. Yey! I've been working my absolute butt off at work, grabbing any over time I can and walking around in a constant tired state falling asleep before 8.30pm on the sofa neglecting my poor boy. I've been putting my clothes on eBay and making a fair bit each go. I do have a lot of clothes. . . . we've even managed to squeeze in a weekend to London for Hyper Japan festival for just over £100 too ^_^ Hard work pays off, makes you tired and requires early bed times but I have lots of things to daydream about while at my 9-5.

P.S I think i've found my new fave place to take photos ^_^ I freaking love this ribbed cropp. The best £4 I have ever spent in Primark, i'll probably have it attached to me the 2 day i'm at Leeds. Same goes for these Tartan pants I practically live in them when it's too cold for dresses, also Primark. I'm not really a fan of jeans any more, gone are the days when I used to wear super skinny spray on jeans to level up on emo status. It's all about comfort and accepting there are more options out there then mega uncomfortable cirulation limiting jeans.

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