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Today's a bit grim isn't it? Beautiful warm days all week [so warm I even ventured outside with BARE legs for the first time this year] whilst having to be stuck inside a sweat box at work. To a weekend fulla rain. Oh so typical. Oh so Bristish. All the feels for you guys at Download this weekend. 
Thursday was one of the said beautiful days, I thought I would take advantage of the bright weather and the fact I was in York for a blog shoot, perfect time to show off my new dungarees.

I had wanted some black short dungarees for ages but couldn't find a pair quite right. I happened to be browsing H&M's site and my search was finally over. Now H&M is literally the worst place to order from online. This experience was no execption. Firstly, H&M stopped my order as they claimed I hadn't paid my balance off, once checking my account I could see I was in credit by £6. Contacting them they apologised but added an extra week wait time for my parcel. Nightmare.
When my delivery finally came I pulled the dungarees out of my parcel excited I noticed they were very very very small. Like really small. I am quite tall 5''8 and looking at how small the item was I knew they would be in no way big enough for my body. I couldn't even get them over my hips. I am a size 10 always have been in most places I shop. These were by no means a 10. I held them up to a few pairs of jeans I have to compare, and they were about an inch smaller. Annoyed I had to send them back and return for a bigger size. Another 2 weeks wait they were finally mine, a size 12 and still a bit tight. I am in no way embarrassed to size up but this was getting stupid. 

I emailed the company, they advised that they do not do ''vanity sizes'' whatever that means, i've googled it and still have no clue and they have been using the same standard measurements since 2005. Regardless, they ain't a 10 pal. They fed some BS like they take cusomer comments in regards to size very seriously and they have been logged blah blah. Hassle form start to finish and my dungarees still don't fit right. Pain in the arse H&M. 
Does anyone else have the same issue whilst shopping at H&M? 

Dungarees H&M £19.99

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  1. Everyone always says not to shop online with H&M so I have always avoided it,they sound soo bad!
    Also,their sizes are ridic! I work in a clothing store which sells ex-chainstore clothing & we had some jeans in from H&M. We sized them up with all the other jeans we had from elsewhere & they were like 1-2 sizes smaller than they actually state! I always have to go up 1 or 2 sizes when shopping in H&M so theres definitely something not right with their sizes!

    The outfit looks lovely though regardless of the hassle you had! haha!


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