Not to sound overly materialistic BUT I think I may have fallen in love with a piece of clothing. I have been eyeing up too many things from the LoveTootrue website for some time now and I have never really made my mind up as to what I wanted to order first. I love the two pieces but as my tummy isn't where I want it to be yet I opted for one of the strappy dresses. Perfect for my Tshirt-under-the-dress-I-still-think-i'm-11-Phase. My sister very kindly offered to get me one for my birthday. After a few postal mishaps [Royal mail bane of my life] I finally had my very own handmade piece. I was so impressed by the quality and the fit I fell in love instantly. I couldn't wait to have an excuse to wear it, I know I will literally be wearing this to death. 

I thought I'd save my tartan beauty for bank holiday Monday when James and I decided to take the bus into York and have a look around the beautiful city. You kind of take for granted the places you live so this time I decided to really look and take it all in as usually its just a flying visit to do a bit of a shop and grab some Yo! Sushi. I had such a lovely day wandering round the shambles, 
-Harry Potter fun fact; J.K Rowling based Diagon alley on the shambles in York pretty cool.
getting some food and acting as a tourist in a city so close to home. As the weather was in our favour that day I thought it would be a great opportunity to shoot for my next blog post. I didn't feel as silly this time as I looked like one of the other tourists taking pictures. Well apart from when I spied a pretty mint-green door I wanted to take pictures with and the people that lived there wanted to get into their flat. Awks.

We spent the rest of the day just enjoying each other company kinda of like it was our very first date, in absolute stitches over silly things, browsing comic book stores and purchasing moomin biscuits and going home to have a nap and watch our new anime in bed. 

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  1. Nice photos and cute dress! Also your hair is stunning!


    1. Thank you so much beautiful, kinda needs re-dying it's a bit washes out at the moment. Xx


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