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I fear this post may be ramble-y. I have the beginnings of a head cold that's had me dosing up on flu capsules, orange juice and antihistamines for good measure all day. I'm so delirious with it I even agreed to do overtime this coming Saturday -keep thinking of the extra cash for Japan, Jess. I half-heartedly did my work-out guide, nearly passing out as I'm finding it difficult to breathe due to blocked sinuses and now I'm in bed waiting for James to bring up my tea as I'm being all pathetic and feeling sorry for myself. He's a good 'un.

It was James' birthday yesterday - *HAPPY BIRTHDAY JAMES* - my boy was 25, even though he is still trying to pull 19, [that beard ain't fooling no one bebe]. We started the day off by skype-ing James' family in Cheshire in the morning while he opened his presents. We had just visited for the weekend just gone as it had been James' mum's birthday too, we went for a meal and had a nice break away from Selby, Gaynor and I had a mini craft afternoon and she showed me how to make dream-catchers. So cute ^_^ Had chats about all things arty and inspired me to get onto a photography course, something I'd been contemplating for a bit now. After present-opening was done we had breakfast and then decided to have a cheap and cheerful day out in York [again] have a stroll around and get food.

The weather deceived me a bit when I looked out of my window, the sky had started to clear up and I could see blue trying to fight it's way through the never-ending grey clouds. I took a risk and decided to wear my high-waisted checked skirt from ARK and teamed it with an old Paramore Tshirt and my creepers. I really do love my tartan skirt but it just seems to STICK IN ALL THE WRONG PLACES. I feel like it makes me look like I have a permanent food baby, and not great when you're going to and all-you-can-eat and have 3 plates of Chinese. Whoops. Now I would have been fine if it wasn't for the unforgiving wind. Brutal chillzz. I've been wearing my denim jacket a lot and it's annoying it's ever so slightly cropped. I don't know if this is the cut of the jacket or if my long body has made yet another item of clothing come up short on me. Probably the latter. Tall girls probs. I still need to add more patches/fabric/pins and DIY it up. so I can walk around pretending I'm all punk and stuff.

Skirt ARK//T shirt Paramore webstore//Denim Jacket Newlook//Bag Topshop/Jacket Primark

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  1. Love this post! Great style! Xx

  2. I absolutely adore this outfit. Green tartan is such a weird one and hard to find but I love it, it's got this frankenstein punk feel.


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