Grey Britain

This morning I woke up to a sound I hate waking up to [barring work days or days without plans] a sound that means plans that had been made the previous day were now out of the question. THE RAIN. Destroyer of everything fun. I had planned it being a 3 day weekend I could shoot a few picture sets for my blog walk around town with my baby and just enjoy a break from work. No. Instead I have been cooped up inside the house since Friday evening and starting to get cabin fever. After my work out and house cleaning woo. We decided to brave it and dress as If it was the middle of October not the Start of May. 

Selbys kind of a dead little town, full of either cash for gold, cash converters that type of thing and charity shops not the good kind mind, Instead of unearthing some treasures, you getclothes stained with questionable marks. No thank you.  We did however head to a cute new place called the Treehouse for some food being on a permanent budget we could actually enjoy food out without feeling horribly guilty about it. James is happiest when he is eating see below. 

Tummies full and the rain subsided we had a look around various shops. I am so so skint this month I literally can't afford anything so I'm on a spending ban. I managered to find a eyeliner brush for £1. I've been after one for a while and have  no idea what consists on a food brush. 

Now while most people have probably been on a day sesh or are getting ready to head out. I'm now curled up work a good book and snacks. What have I become?