Daisies for dayz

I'm in a unbelievably great mood today. No particular reason. Well actually it's a Friday night and it's a THREE DAY WEEKEND. [Sorry retail folk, i'll always feel your pain after spending 7 precious years of my life at Morrisons, paid my rent I guess] and i'm feeling a bit body posi which would put anyone in a great mood.
 Back to the purpose of the blog, Forever going off on a tangent STAY FOCUSED JESS. Never had a great attention span. 

We shot these pictures last Sunday when the day was bright in preparation for a mid week blog post, I did blog Tuesday just not the blog post I had intended so my lucky readers [ all 3] get 2 posts this week.

Now i've always loved a good daisy print have you? its just so cute! I bought these shorts last year from River Island as a kinda impulse buy, I love to shop hate trying stuff on. When I got them home I tried them on and I felt they were kinda unflattering the way they pouched out near your belly. Disgruntled that my ''everything high waisted is your best friend'' rule was out of the window they lived in my ''undesirable'' clothes draw ready to sell on either depop/eBay for about a year. I decided to give them a second shot last weekend as I felt a teeny bit ''trim'' after being 3 weeks into my guide and the pouching wasn't so bad [perhaps it was just my belly after all] So glad I didn't sell on to some 13 year old on depop offering my £2.70 including P+P [bane of my life man]

Enjoy a series of pictures of me looking awkward in grass that should of had a trim some time ago, i'm looking at you Selby council. The Last one in particular oh mannn. 

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