Easter's over now boo hoo. I hope everyone had a lovely 4 day rest. Mine was mostly spent binge watching a new anime ''Parasyte'' and over indulging in Easter confectionary. I'm gonna do that stereotypical British thing where I mention the weather, so feel free to skim and skip this part. But seriously even if people don't like to admit it we do go a little cray when the sun shines and the skies change form that dull concrete gray that makes you think you're heads going to explode if you don't see some blue soon. Again in true British style I dug out my sunglasses, dusted them off and basked in all 16 degrees of the afternoon. Yey for weather double digets. Side note, in this picture I look like i'm checking for dog poo on my creeper, you'll be happy to know there wasn't any.

Yesterday I woke up to my courier knocking at my door [yes I say my courier as I have ordered so much stuff online over the years we are now on first name terms.] with Topshop goodies. Yes I like to bash Topshop, it's not their stuff [well sometimes] it's just the prices and that everyone ends up with the same thing. Smart advertising is the devil, whenever i'm on my Mac, theres pop ups for shops and these daisy jeans caught my eye instantly, I love me some daisies. So well done pop up you sucked me in and accomplished what you set out to achive. I am now poor poor eating noodles till next payday poor. 

Muffin top city. I have a vast collection of crop tops, i'm waiting to wake up with a perfect body from doing nothing so I can utilise them more. One can hope yeah? No? I did throw down the rest of my Easter egg and buy Kayla Insines 12 week programme after looking through some of these pictures. Just a flat tummy would be cool. I'm kinda excited to see the results once I get my head around it. Body confidence is something most people struggle with and I hands up am one of them. High waisted things all the way, it's kinda hard to get away with it in summer.

Creepers in my experience are kinda like marmite. You either love 'em or you hate 'em. I hate Marmite but I do love Creepers. I like to think that I would be best friends with Robert Smith back in the day and dance around to Love Cats when it was at it's peak. I still do now really minus Rob, shame. A few of my friends hate hate hate them and refer to them as my ''orthopaedic'' shoe. Cool, I want some with studs and mebs some leopard print, if you were an Emo back in '05 you'll never get over your love for studded things, you'll always be drawn to them. 

Blog post wouldn't be complete without a token picture of my boy. If only I was half as pretty.

Topshop Daisy Leigh Jeans £40//Topshop Cropped Plunge Cami £15//Topshop Animal Print cigarette Jacket £1.38 eBay