Sunnydaze 2.0

Oh hey, I seemed to have been somewhat absent since my last blog post. Mostly due to being snowed under at work [I've nearly closed off my first ever contract go me ^_^] doing as much overtime as I can so I have some serious spends for my Japan trip in October Hai, and i've also started a new fitness guide as mentioned in my last post, i've had a lot on my plate. Plus the weather was GRIM thats right all caps it was that bad over Easter [what, crappy weather over bank holiday you say? That NEVER happens, said no one ever.] that I honestly couldn't muster the energy to leave my cosy house to take pictures, I wasn't feeling very inspired. I don't think wearing my Slytherin joggers and baggy band tee's would make a very good outfit post. 

As I have a 3 day weekend I thought I would put my time to good use and make a back log of photos so I don't have a mini hiatus again on my blog. The Sun always puts me in a great mood that and a freshly dyed mop, also feeling a bit more body posi after my first week worth of circuits I went to select one of my many pairs of high waisted shorts, which I believe are so flattering for anyone, they are totally a girls best friend and one of my many MANY crop tops. For a girl who doesn't have the best stomach to be showing off, I don't half have a vast collection of cropped tops, in 12 weeks time heres hoping i'll have a tummy to be proud of ^_^

It's great how freshly dyed hair, a bit of sun and some body positivity can do for your mood. I hope you all enjoy your weekends, i'm about to be truly British and enjoy our first BBQ of the year. Peace out.

Shorts £15 Topshop sale 2 years ago// Ribbed Crop Top £5 Primark// Micky Tights £2.50 Primark 3 years ago// Pumps £6 Primark

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