Something really Eighties or something. . . .

Award for the most unimaginative blog post title goes to me again. After pondering for a little while as to what to title my blog post, James kept saying ''I don't know something really Eighties?'' He said it so much it kinda stuck, I know minimal stuff about the Eighties bands movies etc I couldn't even steal an iconic movie quote or song title. But anyway the main point of this post today is the Paisley dress. guesses as to where it's from? [No not Topshop ;)] Ark again, 99% of my wardrobe is Ark, I have been set a challenge by James not to buy anything from there for a month but we all know that's not going to happen anytime soon.

I stumbled across this when I was buying James something for his birthday next month and with 20% I just couldn't say no ;) [I should of really as its beans again for the rest of the month]. It kind of just found itself in my basket and before I knew it at my doorstep. Now i'm quite tall for a girl and most things I wear end up being a little on the short side, this however is kinda at the danger zone where I might start flashing people. I'd love to be able to wear it in summer with no tights etc but that could be a bit risky unless I put on some shorts underneath you know just in case and prevent myself from flashing my underwear/butt to the public. 

I kind of did my hair and put the denim jacket on as kinda of a joke to show James [What is the googley eyed pom pom anyway? I didn't know but also kinda felt I needed it.] he said all I needed now was to be chewing some gum rather obnoxiously and I looked like a 80's babysitter. I'm hoping to customise the denim jacket soon, scruff it up add badges/patches, studs gotta love some studs there what I guess every back then emo kids always going to be drawn to no matter their age. For now Its just reppin' a lone ISOS badge.

I wish I could also get the hang of not looking so awkward in pictures, i'm hopeless when it comes to ''poses'' and have no idea how to carry myself and my face always looks so meh. I also can't deal with an audience and my picture taking time is always cut short by someone walking up down the back alley of our house where most of the pictures are taken. Practice practice I guess. This is by no means a serious blog just a little online diary of outfits and ideas for my personal record. A little bit of fun :) if something comes of it, awesome if not then I guess it's no big deal.

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  1. I love the post title haha, Ark is also one of my favourite shops, You look fab!

    Love Jen | Enter my Mac giveaway xx

    1. Aww thanks so much beautiful, I thoight is already replied to your comment! Ark is the best xx


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