I'm Jess Hey

So I thought i'd actually introduce myself you know kinda get to know the girl behind the blog. [Such an unbelievably cheesy opening yeah yeah blugh.] ANYWAY my name is Jess, I'm currently nesting in this horrid little town outside of York called Selby North Yorkshire. I moved here when I was about 15 from Leeds [ Leeds 4 lyf] 
I am [oh God] TWENTYFIVE years old. So scary I still remember running around playgrounds way back when and now I'm supposed to have a job and pay things like rent and TV licences. 


*There not really that fun i'm kinda just building this up way too much.

1) Cats, oh lord how I love cats. It's kind of an internet thing to be a ''Self proclaimed cat lady'' or what ever but I can't get enough of the fluffy little purr bags. Have you seen MY cat? No well look below. Lady Cassandra Elderflower Marshall Ayton the first or Cassie for short, SHE HAS FREAKING HAIR THAT POKES OUT OF HER EARS. 

2) Ah my absolute love James. It's obnoxious really how much I think of my boy. I hated couples like me and James before I met him. Ever the synic. Yet I find myself doing the things that made me cringe about other couples BUT NOW I DON'T CARE. I've found a human that doesn't annoy me, we have matching interest, genuinely caring towards me AND he is B E A U T iful. Like wowzers how did I manage to snag you beaut?  See below picture of said beautiful man.

 again quite embarrassing how much I fangirl over Hayley Williams. I met her back in 07' and had to hold back tears, I told her I loved her [after pep talking myself not to do so] She signed my back back, smiled at my NFG patch and lifted up her top to ''show me something'' No no boobz just an NFG top. Still cool. I've followed them for 10 years now and I still get goosebumps over them. Hayleys also the person I base my style on, she's the reason behind my mini fringe. RIP bright hair, big work no no. Last April I got a tattoo as a little ode to them

4) I have mad love love for Japan. Every single element to that place I am just drawn to. It first started when I stumbled across Harajuku girls and my love just kind of grew from there. I was lucky enough to visit in 2009 on a 10 month trip across the globe. I'm going back in October this year AND I JUST CAN'T WAIT. 2 whole weeks in Tokyo to go exploring. I love watching anime series with Jim and studio Ghibli. [Japan] is actually quite a big thing in our relationship and what we first started bonding over.  LOL Nice hair Jess.

5) Harry Potter. Again something else me and James bonded over strongly. My Grandma used to buy me and all my cousins the books as soon as they came out every single time without fail. Cheers Brenda for fuelling my addiction and starting me off at a young age. For James Birthday last year I took us to the Harry Potter studio tour in Watford. FELLOW SLYTHERINS UNITE.

[Legit saw Voldy at the tour, the studios must of taken pity on him and gave him a job after his fall]