Is it summer yet?

Please don't mind my incredibly ammeter photos and bad posture ha. It's hard being a giant and trying to take self timer picture's of what you're wearing. I mean how on earth are you meant to know how to hold yourself? I guess it will come with practice but for the mean time please enjoy how awkward I am.
I wanted to take the pictures outside but 1) my garden ain't the tidiest [or prettiest for that matter] 2) Yesterday was so so grim weather wise, I can't wait for the bright colours of summer and 3) I was a little rough from a day sesh in York the day before and not feeling standing out in the cold. [Jess pal where's your dedication?] So for now my room will do.

I've been eyeing up this lovely elephant dress since Ark posted it on their IG, and I fell in love with it instantly! I've been counting down until payday so I could buy it budgeting carefully into March's pay allowance. £23.99, which I thought was reasonable not exactly in keeping to the £6 steals I find on the internet but still I allowed myself a splurge, it is my birthday after all this month ;). I did however find myself a 10% discount code AND free delivery using  ''10DELIVERY'' try it for yourselves guys.   I now wish I was going away to Thailand or some tropical holiday so I could frolic around on beaches and so on. . . . Jokes I don't frolic, i'm as graceful bow-legged new born baby giraffe.

Now the back of the dress is probably my favourite part, I would feel comfortable wearing this on a bright sunny day, or dressing it up for the night. The lace is just lovely and pretty much sold the dress to me. I can't wait for summer please please hurry up. I hate walking to work all bundled up prepared for dreaded blizzards. No joke you should of seen it today, I thought my work was going to take off. I already know i'll be living in this the 2.5 weeks of hot weather we get. Cheers British summer.