Grunge Sundays

It's been almost a week since my last blog post [whoops my bad] but i've had quite a busy week with work and just general pottering around the house and running my home. I had also ordered a tonne of stuff and I was waiting for it all to arrive so I could do a ''what I ordered this week'' kinda thing. But honestly I don't have the heart to change into loads of different outfits for the sake of a blog post that no one reads, well apart from my mum all the way in NZ I may add [hi Liz].

Now one of the many places I ordered from was Topshop[I know i'm a regular Topshop basher, it's their prices man £68 for a jumper? come onnnn]. I was originally looking for PJ's [The little mermaid ones they have at the minuet are sweeet] but stumbled across this lovely charcoal number. Now at the moment I am a sucker for anything ribbed. Dresses, crops Long sleeves, you name it I love it especially washed out blacks and charcoal colours.

I look like i'm staring myself out ''Like pal what you so happy about it's Sunday and you have work tomorrow.'' Cheers for the reminder left Jess. . . 
ANYWAY This long sleeved beauty will cost you a pretty penny £28 to be exact. You know honestly it is decent quality and quite thick so I guess worth the money also quite versatile you could wear it with tights leggings jeans etc. I obviously opted for fox face tights from Primark and my Docs.

I always feel really silly posing for outfit pictures I'm also a 25 year old emo that's  forever pigeon footed. So I got my photographer/lovely boyfriend to show me how it's done and would you look how well he pulls off his Star wars Jim Jams? Hands off ladiezz and ladz ;)