Crushed Velvet

The hardest thing about starting a blog post is the naming of the post. I literally stare at my Mac screen for a good 20 mins, Asking Jim and wracking my brain for a suitable title and end up with something average at best. I'm not really down for using song lyrics/titles either, I saw a really funny meme on Tumblr that said ''why do girls put song lyrics in their captions? Aint nothing deep and meaningful about your duck face pout''. My 15 year old Emo self was probably guilty of that a few times but I've seen too many selfies with scantily clad girls using Fall Out Boy/The 1975 lyrics as their captions. That aside, I did it again and I left it a whole week until I got round to posting, whooops. It's a good job I have 0 following ;)

Yesterday it was my 25th birthday and I was meant to be going out with friends to York, going for cocktails and having food at Cosmos but my body had other ideas. On the eve of my birthday I got sick with an occurring stomach problem I have and spent the day drifting in and out sleep trying to sleep it off and willing I would be better for the evening with no such luck. Happy Birthday to me. . . .
This is the outfit I was planning to wear, minus the hat I also feel kinda pretentious whilst in it but James said he liked it ^_^

About 90% of my wardrobe is Ark, you can't beat their sales [or their full priced stuff for that matter] I always end up ordering a bunch of stuff and get quite a bit for my money. I got this green velvet dress in one of their on going sales just after Christmas for £10. When I went to buy it, envisioned wearing in bare legged with chunky cut out boots and then I remembered I live in England and I won't see any sun until about August time [that's if it does decide to show its face] so no bare legs for me. Instead I opted for my trusty docs [yes I wear them with EVERYTHING] and layered up with a white ribbed crop from Topshop. I feel really 90's when I do the whole Tshirt under strappy clothes combo and I like. If it's good enough for me when I was 10 it's good enough for me when I'm 25.

I still can't get the whole outfit pose down, so most shots are just me mid sentence to James or smiling like a deranged woman. James true to form showed me how its done. Note the brooding/the suns in my eyes stare ;)

Can Anyone say ''Blue Steel'' *hair flip*

Velvet Dress £10 Ark Now sold out// Hat H&M £7.99 [2 years ago] Sold out// White Ribbed Crop Topshop £8


  1. Love this look! Ark is my favourite shop too haha,
    Love Jen,

    1. Thank you so much lovely ^_^ off to spend more money at ark today. X


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