Sleepy Sunday

This isn't necessarily keeping to the theme of my new blog, but seeing as I am waiting on various hilarious items of clothing I have bought from China to show up I thought I'd show off my boy for the time being.  My boy and I decided to go on a walk around where we live and I couldn't not help sharing these pictures I took of my Jim. 
Instead of spending the day lazing on the sofa hungover we thought we'd actually do something productive with our day free from work. I being a true Yorkshire girl/country bumpkin at heart what better way to spend it by walking past picturesque fields and filling up your lungs with fresh country air. [We we're lucky today, no muck was being spread so enjoy the fresh air we did] Side note, you know you're from Yorkshire when you get use to having to deal with the outside not smelling so great certain periods of time in the year. You also know you're from Yorkshire, when while walking to work a lorry drives by carrying hay and covers you head to toe in said stray hay. Cool Beanz I wanted to look like a scarecrow anyway. Jim is still getting used to all this being as he is from Manchester [ew]

SO I dusted off my very very neglected Nikon 1, [due to the connivence of my Iphone 5 opps my bad] that's been living next to my ever growing camera collection and thought I'd have a little play to bring me back up to speed on shooting. It's a shame people choose connivence [myself included] one of my new years resolutions was to bring out my camera more and not reach for my Iphone. 
Hiya this is me, my names Jess and I dress as if I fell into my wardrobe and rolled about in it. Someone once described me as eclectic which I guess is cool. I'm not so keen on people that are dripping in Topshop. Why pay £32+ for a generic plaid shirt that 36373637 other people bought that week when you can scour the internet and buy something funnn. Hey another side note, I was showing Jim how to work my camera, halfway push to focus yeah! 

First post was pretty much Pointless I guess but I wanted to figure out the dynamic of Blogger. See ya Palz.