Middle Earth

It's weird to think this secluded woodland area is in the outskirts of Selby. If you're unfortunate enough to have heard of the place or even visited, you'll know what I mean. It's not the best. . . . to put it politely but I guess it's home. [Home for me is actually Leeds but this is home for now].

Aww he cute ^_^ So to cure Sunday bordem, Maddi, Steve, Jim Jam and I took to Brayton Barff. I used to live in a village that was literally round the corner from the Barff, like so close I could see it out of my bedroom window. I spent most of my time there as a child, me and my younger sister even used to take up our guinea pigs [Scuff and Dougal God rest your fluffy souls] and steal carrots from the field next to the Barff. Not the greatest idea when the place is crawling with dogs.

Hey look I did a thing to my hair if you can see? I spent the best part of the day ombre-ing my hair teal. After watching a few YouTube videos I felt pretty confident, it didn't turn out so bad. It's a shame at work I have to hide it as best I can. Uncool to hide yourself, the real you and how you dress/decorate yourself in 99% of companies now a days. Anyway we found this dead cool little wigwam thing that someone had made out of sticks, it provided decent Shelter cos pal that wind was COLD.

Just doing some interpretative dancing to warm myself up. Right i'm going to have my make my next post about my wardrobe or something otherwise this whole blog concept is completely pointless. I can't take myself seriously for like ''outfit pictures'' oh Gawdd.