Another none themed post

I'm not doing very well am I? Second post and no disgustingly glorious clothing to show off yet. That's the price you pay whilst waiting a month for your eBay items from Hong Kong to show up. Anyway it's PANCAKE DAY. I was totally unaware until Lucy Piped up at work. Straight away I was on the phone to Jim asking if we could cook up some concoctions of our own for tea. I am now disgustingly full. Like ready to pop full of pancake goodness full.

So now shrove Tuesday's nearly done and dusted time to get down to the real reason behind pancake day. Lent palz. Coming from a fairly religious background I know the story and reason behind the day quite well and I take part in Lent every year. Chocolate/cake are my greatest vices, I just can't get enough so it's worthwhile picking something that's an actual challenge if you're going to do it. So today after the sudden realisation I crammed in enough cake and chocolate to get me through the 40+ day draught. Fun fact lent always ALWAYS falls over my birthday. So actually not such a fun fact for me, cake and chocolate free birthdays are not the one, especially when you want to turn to the sugary stuff after minor depression with the realisation that you have turned another year older [25 next month LORDDDD.]

''Can I haz some?!' LOL below is Cassandra cat. She always needs to have whatever it is I have or what I am eating. She's my best pal, I'm guessing she will be popping up on my blog a lot. So to concldude, what are you guys going to give up for lent? ever tired it before? Who am I even talking too?