Sunday, 12 November 2017

Finding the Perfect Slogan Tee

Alternative Style Blogger Foxxtailz in Zara Slogan Top
lol so, story time. The night before these pictures were taken, ya gal indulged in one too many £2.90 pints at her new fave local in Leeds, leaving her feeling a bit worse for wear and with a very very sore head the morning after. Hence the location of the photos, my very messy flat complete with moving in boxes still yet to be emptied. I couldn't face going outside and thought I'd chill out on my new sofa instead. Cos when you're feeling this rough, the only place I want to be is either bed or sprawled out on the sofa slowing dying whilst simultaneously cursing myself for drinking and vowing never again. . . .

However, this Sunday I had a family Sunday lunch to get up and ready for so I was craving comfort when it came to my outfit for the day. Plus something loose to hide my inevitable food baby as my Auntie Christine is like the best cook ever and I knew I was going to be eating heaps of Sunday lunch goodness. I knew my high waisted Monki jeans would be up to the job so it was a no-brainer I opted for them, that and since buying them a few months back I've hardly worn anything else - mom is defo the one.

For my top I decided to go for my new slogan shirt I picked up from Zara, only a steal at £5.99. You kinda can't escape slogan T's, they've been a huge fashion staple in 2017 however,  I have a love-hate relationship with slogan tops. I'm not really a fan of the generic ''you alright hun'' style ones or the over the top that-defo-doesn't-even-make-sense weird quote you've slapped on a T after doing a quick google search. For a while, I couldn't really find any that I liked. This Zara one, however, I kinda just loved and I have no idea why? I also thought the cherry red colour of the top was cute and liked the way it matched the red stitching on my jeans. If you're a bit like me and want to do the whole slogan T thing but can't seem to find ''the one'', you could also opt to get one made from places like  Printsome, for fast T-shirt printing, where you could go wild with whatever you wanted to display proudly on the front of your shirt, for me, I'd probably go with '' I wish I was hanging out with Cassie'' For those of you who don't know who Lady C is, she's my cat. 

Top Zara | Jeans Monki 

This post is in collaboration with print some but as always, all views are my own :)

Alternative Style Blogger Foxxtailz in Zara Slogan Top
Alternative Style Blogger Foxxtailz in Zara Slogan Top
Alternative Style Blogger Foxxtailz in Zara Slogan Top


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