Wednesday, 7 June 2017

Slay in the Rain with Elements Rainwear

Foxxtailz Elements Rainwear

First up apologies in order . . . . this post is way way WAY overdue, I planned to have it shot and up the beginning of last month and well . . . . it seemed every little obstacle I could have faced got in the way. . . . BUT better late than never right. . . . and guys I think you'll like what I got in store for you [well, I hope anyway . . . ]

ok so, Elements rainwear, I was first acquainted with the baes when I attended LondonEdge in Feb. I was drawn to their stand after spotting their brightly coloured rain macs with a vintage twist from the other side of the show room. The guys at the stand were total baes, telling us all about their brand and telling us all about all thangz elements rainwear

Things you should know about Elements:

1) Their macs are made to order! [talk about luxuery]

2) There's an amazing about of choice from colour, style, and material so there's defo something for everyone

3) They don't just offer raincoats, they also do leggings, hats, and umbrellas too!

I was sent the classic wrap coat in purple and fell in love with it as soon as I tried it on - side note I also couldn't stop smelling it . . . .

Now, I ain't gonna lie, this was a bit of a style challenge for me, I could have gone down the easy root and thrown on a dress and a pair of my cutest heels HOWEVER I wanted to see how styling the rain coat with my everyday looks would fair out as 9 times out of 10 times, that's what ya gals in and I gotta say, I was pleasantly surprised by how well my coat went with my outfit for the day. I'm casj when it comes to dressing and it still worked - talk about being super versatile!

As festival season is literally so close I can smell the makeshift bonfires and portaloos [gross] I'm so totally ready to take on the British summer with my vintage inspired mac.

Also, guys, she's done it again hasn't she? My pal Jess that is, she shot these images for me and worked her camera magic to create these incredible shots. They're seriously giving me all the Paramore 'hard times' vibes. I'm so grateful to have such a talented and amazing pal to help me with my blog. Bloggers in the York/Leeds area SERIOUSLY hit a gal up! You can contact her on her site: 

Stick around the blog this week for some more fun edits coming yo way, it's gonna be wild . . . . kinda 

Foxxtailz Elements Rainwear
Foxxtailz Elements Rainwear
Foxxtailz Elements Rainwear
Foxxtailz Elements Rainwear
Foxxtailz Elements Rainwear




    I love, love, love these photos! It actually looks like it's raining (or is it)

    That's really cool that they're made to order, it makes your raincoat much more unique!

    Katie x

  2. Oh I love this! I don't have a raincoat at the moment either so this post comes to me at a good time. Also, the colour you chose is gorgeous, and I love the style of it. I really like bright colours at the moment. I don't know if it's because it's summer and I automatically want to emulate all of the wildflowers that have been blooming here, but I just love it. Will definitely be bookmarking the website to have a browse on at some point. You look amazing! - Tasha

  3. These are super fancy!! We def need a decent raincoat in this country!
    Em x

  4. Aah I love this raincoat! Such a gorgeous colour. I'm after a new rain coat, one of mine does a terrible job at actually keeping me dry (I suppose it did cost £3) and my other is far too heavy for summer. Will have to check out this brand

    Lauren | Lauren the Daydreamer

  5. Ahhh this rain coat is fab! The purple suits you so much too. I bet you'll get a lot of wear out of it!

  6. Brilliantly expressed. Would definitely go for other blogs by this writer.umbrella


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