Friday, 10 February 2017

Four Cities That Stole My Heart

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I was bitten by the travel buy at a young age. I've always dreamed of adventure and Exploring foreign lands, discovering cultures for myself,  wanting to immerse myself in tropical surroundings. There's something I find very freeing about travel. When I was 19, I got the option to go backpacking. It was something my mum always wanted me to go and experience. I was incredibly lucky to be giving the opportunity, one, that as corny as it sounds shaped me as a person. I lived away from home for a year, exploring the planet with my own eyes at barely 19. Something I am forever grateful for. I spent 4 months in America, moving then onto Canada and Hawaii. I remember not brushing my hair for the entirety of my stay in Honolulu or wearing shoes. I'd get up, go to the beach until sunset, swimming in the ocean with sea turtles, go back to my hostel, shower, then do it all again. I then moved on to Japan and China, Hong Kong then Thailand. Blown away at the gorgeous surrounds. I explored both Islands in New Zealand for two weeks and then traveled up the East side of Australia in a camper van for a little over a month, then on to South Africa and then finally spending my Christmas in Kenya. Lately I've been doing some serious reminiscing about all the places I have been and dreaming about the places I want to go next.

The four cities that imparticular, have left an imprint on my heart


Favorite place hands down yes yes. IF you follow me on all the social medias, you will know how much I'm cuckoo for Tokyo. I can't explain it. I love the lights, the sounds, the noise everything. I just really really love Tokyo. From the traditional side to the complete polar opposite pop culture dude I just can't get enough, like a heart broken teen I pine after this city when I'm not in it and constantly dream of when I can visit again. A year out in Harajuku is the dream.


This first city I properly fell in love with. I feel inspired by this city. I get creatively restless a lot i.e I want to create, but I don't exactly know what it is I want to do then get restless and fed up with myself. One visit to London and I feel refreshed and my creative batteries recharged and ready to go. I love going off the normal touristy beaten track and favour urban exploring down Brick Lane and Shoreditch, hunting out street art. The buzz and the busyness just makes me feel alive. I'm going for a long weekend in the next days and I just can't wait to soak up a bit of London.


Theres nothing I like more then Paris in the summer. Wondering around in the August heat, surrounded by typical Parisian buildings. Walking along the Seine, having lunch near the Notre Dame and marvelling at it in all its gothic architectural beauty. Soaking up the history and arts. And of course the food, gotta eat ALL the pastry in Paris, thems the rulez.

New York

The other 3 cities I have been fortunate enough to explore them more then once, however New York I have only visited the once back in 2009. Again matching the 3 cities above in reasons why I loved New York was the busyness. The colour and sounds. With cities like New York for example theres always something going on. Walking around permanently looking at the ridiculously tall buildings, strolling round Central Park, then residing to a bench to do some people watching. The excitement of Times Square, whizzing about on the underground and taking in New York in all its metropolitan glory.

What places have you visited that are your favourite? Have you got any trips plan for this year? As always I'd love to know in the comments below <3

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Travel Blogger

Travel Blogger

Travel Blogger

Travel Blogger

Travel Blogger

Travel Blogger


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