Wednesday, 13 April 2016

The Holy Grail That Is The Unitard

Every now and again I find a piece of clothing that speaks to me on another level, something that was made for people in mind, something that is just all the right amount of wrongs that its just completely right. I give you: the unitard.

My unitard obsession started when I saw ASOS selling one a few years back. It was out of stock in my size and I was crushed [all about the dramatics] that I couldn’t find anything similar on the world wide web. I then saw Motel was doing one with a cute elephant design but basically I didn’t feel like I could blow like £40 on one, soz Motel mebs next time. 

Like I mention in my last post  I may have gone a little bit wild and bought all the things from the H&M site. I can’t be held accountable for my actions when the Coachella range is so freaking good, kudos H&M. And I may or may not have got heart palpitations when I saw this unitard and instantly fell in love with the 80s or whatever pattern and I may or may to of cried a little bit when I put it on at how much it unlocked all the hippie goals. The original unitard was shorts and not full legged but I thought for £8, this one would do. Now the fun part for me is figuring how to style this bad boy, for the moment I just threw on my trusty denim vest and creepers for a quick style up. I’m sure the more I wear it, the more I’ll be able to show off it true potential. This will defiantly be a summer staple for me, or an any staple for that matter. 

***I wanted to attempt to be dare I say it ~different~ and change my pictures a bit I ended up just sitting on a bunch of stuff and well yeah. Gold star for trying?

H&M Coachella range unitard

What do you think to the unitard? How would you of styled it up?

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  1. Oooh I love it! It's nothing I would ever even dream of being able to pull off but you look banging xx

    Kimberley //

    1. Aw pal thank you, kinda feel a but bumpy in it haha. x

  2. Dear lord woman, you look INCREDIBLE! This unitard was made for you xx

    1. Ahhhh thank you so much what a lovely thing to say. I do bloody love it and predict wearing it all summer ;) xx

  3. I saw this in H&M and was seriously tempted to buy it but tried it on and changed my mind because it's *so* tight!

    Looks amazing on you :)


    1. Ah you should go for it, bet it looked banging ^_^ xx

  4. Your hair is so cool!


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