Thursday, 25 February 2016

Brand Crush: Leggsington Star Leggings

Man i’m tired. How is it Thursday? How am I so behind with #lyf how did I become this busy? Its cool though bruv as this is what I wanted, my blog keeping me busy. I just need to learn to balance all my life aspects out. I have no idea how i’ve summoned the strength to write this post. I thought I best seeing as I haven’t updated my blog since Sunday and i’ve got a back load of photos ready to go and all the collars to show and gush over [theres some good un’s] so I thought I best crack on, and this ones a great one to start with

~ L E G G S I N G T O N ~

Firstly I really like the colours of this photo set, they make me all excited and ready for spring/summer long warm nights that stay bright till late. They’re my favourite nights, mostly because i’m scared of the dark. . . . No joke.

Y’all know i’m not a fan of jeans and I’d much rather reach to a pair of leggings than have to squish my muffin tops and ever expanding thighs into a pair of denim skinnies. Saying that my muffin tops can’t be tamed in leggings either and tend to spill out. Note to self: stop over doing it with the cake. But yeah, 9.5 times out of 10 i’d rather be in leggings. Now Leggsington have been repeat offenders on my blog, and with good reason. But this is the first I’ve debated any of their leggings range. This pair partucaully caught my eye as I loved the faux leather star patches all the kawaii vibez so I knew I had to have em’. I do love the contrast better the start patches and the soft jersey material - cosy! That  breaks up the all black nothing going on thing and make them a bit more then inserting then just plain ole’ leggings. To make the outfit next level super kawaii I found this Sailor moon vintage jumper in the depths of my wardrobe i’d kinda forgot about it and yey I felt like a kawaii princess muffin tops and all. Kind need to work on those . . . . they’re not so kawaii. Kawaii. 

What brands are you loving at the moment? Do you prefer Jeans or would prefer leggings?

Leggings* Leggsington | Sailor Moon Top Etsy 

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  1. I prefer jeans. Love your sneakers!
    Abbie E.

  2. Hahahha oh Jess the first paragraph literally had me in stiches .. I bloody love your casual, don't give a s*** writing style - it's ace haha!! I am SUCH A MASSIVE LEGGINGS/JEGGINGS girl - and these are so so perfect !! The star detailing is just fab!! Loved this outfit girly !


    1. Haha thanks girl, I always worry I ramble too much and interject stuff thats not really necessary. Girl after my own heart, leggings are much more my thing! x

  3. Absolutely love your top and I love how different your leggings are to normal ones! x

  4. Great post! I much prefer leggings to jeans...much more comfortable. These leggings are great, I love that they're a little different to standard black leggings :) xxx

    1. They are so much more comfortable! Thank you, I liked how they were a little different to normal leggings :) x

  5. The absolute perfect workout pants!!! Alo yoga are totally worth it, totally cute, and so comfortable while you're working out, and also gives the appearance of you looking a little bit thinner than you actually are! And who doesn't want that.

  6. You look beautiful in this outfit,i really adore your leggings.


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