Sunday, 28 February 2016

Brand Crush: Cherry Cameto

Two things are absolute from this post 

1) I got to tame these muffin tops of mine [she says as she stuffs more mini eggs in her mouth]
2) Oversized vintage boyfriend shirts are my new favourite.

Attacking my body yet again a side The Super babe that is Cherry Cameto [I urge you to check out her Instagram out and see for yourself, so babin’] asked me to pick out some of her vintage treasuers to debut on this very blog of mine to show how I would style them up. I picked out the most amazing oversized safari print shirt complete with hidden tiger a thank you, see if you can spot him out in the pictures below. I was hoping I could get away with buttoning this up and wearing it as a dress finishing it off with a belt to create all the shapes but my legs had other plans and well my butt would be on show for everyone and their cat to see. [I replaced cat with dog cuz they’re better #sorrynotsorry] 

So scrapping that outfit aspect all together I went with the open shirt/crop top direction which I loved, my cake made belly it showed off not so much. Its cool though cos I’m currently doing a 5k a day to run the chub away so soon i’ll have those abs people to seem to have. . . . I hope. The adidas crop underneath the boyfriend shirt gave it all those 90’s vibes that I love whilst keeping the sportsluxe thang I love to hate on the down low and balanced out. I do know think that an oversized boyfriend shirt is a must have for any lover of 90s fashion and I don’t know why its taken me up till now to obtain one up until now just sayin’ To grunge it up a lil’ I’d wear a fave band shirt add some fishnets and Boom grunge city.

Check out Cherry Cameto on the ASOS Market place for all your 90s fashion needs and wicked tips on how to style up the pieces. 

How would you style up an oversized shirt? Any vintage gems you’re loving at the moment? 

Leggings* Leggsinton | Adidas Crop Topshop | Shirt Cherry Cameto*

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Thursday, 25 February 2016

Brand Crush: Leggsington Star Leggings

Man i’m tired. How is it Thursday? How am I so behind with #lyf how did I become this busy? Its cool though bruv as this is what I wanted, my blog keeping me busy. I just need to learn to balance all my life aspects out. I have no idea how i’ve summoned the strength to write this post. I thought I best seeing as I haven’t updated my blog since Sunday and i’ve got a back load of photos ready to go and all the collars to show and gush over [theres some good un’s] so I thought I best crack on, and this ones a great one to start with

~ L E G G S I N G T O N ~

Firstly I really like the colours of this photo set, they make me all excited and ready for spring/summer long warm nights that stay bright till late. They’re my favourite nights, mostly because i’m scared of the dark. . . . No joke.

Y’all know i’m not a fan of jeans and I’d much rather reach to a pair of leggings than have to squish my muffin tops and ever expanding thighs into a pair of denim skinnies. Saying that my muffin tops can’t be tamed in leggings either and tend to spill out. Note to self: stop over doing it with the cake. But yeah, 9.5 times out of 10 i’d rather be in leggings. Now Leggsington have been repeat offenders on my blog, and with good reason. But this is the first I’ve debated any of their leggings range. This pair partucaully caught my eye as I loved the faux leather star patches all the kawaii vibez so I knew I had to have em’. I do love the contrast better the start patches and the soft jersey material - cosy! That  breaks up the all black nothing going on thing and make them a bit more then inserting then just plain ole’ leggings. To make the outfit next level super kawaii I found this Sailor moon vintage jumper in the depths of my wardrobe i’d kinda forgot about it and yey I felt like a kawaii princess muffin tops and all. Kind need to work on those . . . . they’re not so kawaii. Kawaii. 

What brands are you loving at the moment? Do you prefer Jeans or would prefer leggings?

Leggings* Leggsington | Sailor Moon Top Etsy 

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Sunday, 21 February 2016

Personal Style: Intergalactic Stylin’

Uh oh. I’ve lost my blogging flow again. Seriously how many times a year can one person lose ~da flow~ myself its a round 17.5 times a month. Its easy to blame tiredness but its true. If youre tired creativity levels are at an all time low. [Not the shitty band] Even in how i’m styling my outfits it shows, lately I just want to wear all the baggy jumpers and my Topshop leggings and hide in my cosy cottage. #Thatsnotveryblogofyou oh I might copy right that and print it on a thirt and make my fortune like that guy from Forrest Gump. No legit i’m gonna do it. *watch this space* Ah mebs the creative is coming back. . . .

~L A S T S U N D A Y~

It was valentines and we decided to head out to York for some Yo! Sushi cos we weebos and I can’t get enough of their Tofu Katsu curry, go try it I insist. And as it was the big V and James was taking me out I couldn’t REALLY go in my joggers and a sweat. I mean I could James probably wouldn’t of cared and probably would of joined me in donning his bright orange Dragon Ball Z tracksuit he picked up in Tokyo. Yup. But yeah I thought I’d make some sort of effort. I took to my wardrobe and dusted off my forever favourite Motel Moons and Stars dress. Wearing the same thing over and over is cool. If you style it right then it can become a brand new thang, re-inventng your favourite piece over and over. For example, we all know I like a good laying outfit so sticking with the cosmic theme of the star print dress I wore my galactic sparkly Ragged Priest crop I snagged a year or so ago in the sale. So Intergalactic. Finishing it off with a belt and my star boots for even more galaxy feel and you’ve got yourself a completely different look with any piece you wear to death. Style it up mix and match, see how versatile you can make your wardrobe faves. Totes guilty of that. 

Whats your wardrobe forever fave that you like to wear over and over? How do you like to style ‘em up?

Top The Ragged Priest | Dress Motel | Boots ASOS

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Hey Cassie cat, the sassiest creature known to man came to play. 


Wednesday, 17 February 2016

Personal Style: Copenhagen

I have 2 super kwel things i’ve been wanting to debut on the blog, wait no actually 3. I didn’t necessarily mean to shoot them all for the same post in kinda just happened that way. Totally taking advantage of my pretty new village and taking loads of pictures in front of mint green doors. ON TO THE STUFF.

Super Kwel Item number 1

Its getting colder and colder and i’m wearing more and more layers and my jumper collection is just getting out of hand due to this. #srrynotsrry James my little treacle brought me home a new addition to my collection last week. 29287986498364 boyfriend points to him for going into an establishment he loathes [sorry Toppers] browsed and picked something out for me off his own back, brought it home and said he thought I might like it cos and quote “you like jumpers and stuff” cute. I’ve also caught him wearing this a few times too so i’m guessing he kinda bought it as a communal jumper whilst making it out it was a gift for myself, its just a theory I have. 

Super kewl item number 2 

I finally got some new leggings yey me. As we all know I hate wearing jeans I own like 2 pairs and they hardly ever see light of day because I feel like some a frump in them. I just can’t can’t get on with jeans. After wearing my old leopard print textured pair TO DEATH I thought it was time to invest in a new pair. Hello lovely soft fake jeans legging things, treggings? Jeggings? God knows what they are but I love them and I want to live in them forever please. They kinda remind me of jodhpurs which is kinda cool? Like those AA ones but I got them for like a third of the price. 

Super kewl item Number 3

My fave blogger is Amy Valentine and i’m always creeping on her posts wishing I was her out even better had her wardrobe. I saw she had posted an ASOS wish list kinda thing and I saw the most incredible star boots that I knew right there and then I needed to own. Now these were a splurge and I think the most i’ve ever spent on footwear but i don’t have to pay council tax for 2 months so thats a total justifiable reason to spend a little bit on footwear no? Seriously have you seen them? I love them so much I could cry. 

What have you guys been buying recently? Any splurges or snapped up anything you’ve had your eyes on recently?

Jumper Topshop | Leggings Topshop | Boots ASOS

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